Parpan appointed as Times’ new Web editor

05/27/2010 12:00 AM |

The revamped has a new editor.

Veteran journalist Grant Parpan, who since 2007 has served as editor of The North Shore Sun, has been named Web editor for all four websites in the Times/Review Newsgroup, publisher Andrew Olsen announced this week.

During his time with the Sun, which covers the northeast corner of Brookhaven Town, Mr. Parpan garnered dozens of awards for his writing and editing, while also landing, through the New York Press Association, two coveted Stuart C. Dorman awards for overall excellence, marking the Sun as one of the best weekly papers in the state.

He’s now bringing his editorial expertise to the Web in a leadership shift designed to help Times/Review expand its online presence while continuing to deliver strong weekly print products.

Mr. Parpan, 31, will not only manage the look and feel of the new, which the company unveiled in April, but also contribute stories, columns and editorials to the newspaper.

“I’m really excited to make the Suffolk Times a part of our readers’ lives on a daily basis,” Mr. Parpan said. “People want their news fast and this move enables us to provide our readers with not only a great weekly newspaper but also a website that functions as a daily news source, day and night and weekends.”

Mr. Olsen was pleased to announce the change.

“We’re always looking for ways to make our newspapers play bigger roles in the lives of the people who read them, either online or in print, or both,” he said. “Being able to bring a seasoned journalist into the mix for The Suffolk Times while expanding our resources on the Web should prove to be an invaluable move.”



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  • What Miller Place needs is some industry to reduce our taxes, but a primary concern of the area in questions is the traffic. The intersection is the only one in Miller Place and it already creates hardship for locals. Whats wrong with adding some business along the back roads that run by the firehouse sub station, its completely open land with very little traffic.

  • I can’ think of anything we need less in Miller Place than another pharmacy! Oh wait, I just thought of what we need even less, ANOTHER traffic light!!!! Hello? Is anybody listening?

  • Ugh..enough..25A is a nightmare..we do not need, nor want this..MP is one of the few beautiful towns left…go elsewhere walgreens

  • I feel for your pain, we are trying to stop the same thing here in Coram on Rt. 112 and Pine Rd. Lets stick together and fight them both with larger numbers, how many HUGE drug stores do we need??