Justice Court

07/15/2010 12:00 AM |

Edgar Huertas, 43, of Laurel received a conditional discharge after pleading guilty Friday to driving while intoxicated. Judge William Price Jr. fined him $1,400.

* Christopher Steiner, 23, of Southold pleaded guilty Friday to charges of disorderly conduct, reduced from an original charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Judge Price fined him $250.

The court dealt with 51 cases Friday.



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  • With phase 2 of the 25A Corridor Study approved, integration of the 2030 Draft, excessive ARRA Bond borrowing at Brookhaven, increasing lay offs, inevitable tax increases to home owners, with all of this, civic groups should expect new comers who’s opinion and input may differ from member’s opinions of the past. Certain statement made by this SUN reporter, in this article, did not occur. There was no mention of the Trustee election of the evening. ?????????

  • Why don’t they put sidewalks on Hallock Landing Road where residents probably DO want them, properties are larger, and safety would be improved. I regularly see a family of four walking from the store on that winding road carrying shopping bags, as well as two elderly men walking daily to the bagel store, teenagers in groups walking to the beach, and a man in a wheelchair coming and going. I go around the curves very carefully and below the speed limit, but the SUVs and motorcycles don’t, and they don’t pay attention to the double yellow line either.

  • The info. here is wrong. Ms. Bonner must be surveying the NORTH SIDE, as the south side was already done this summer.
    Does this mean sidewalks will be on the north and south side of KING ROAD?
    The front yards are very small on this road, there will be no parking for some and very limited parking for others.
    Where are people suppose to park the cars? How will on road parking be legal, as this is an emergency route for EMT’s and fire trucks?

  • This guy posting lives with KMS or is KMS…youhave been forwarned!

  • “you have been forwarned! ”

    And using a handle like “itsaboutthestooopid”

    A classic “Cyberbully” that finds entertainment in attacking people on blogs rather than the issues. Disagreements on issues and discussions and even heated arguments are all about democracy at work. Attacking individuals only serves one purpose: hate and abuse. I am quite surprised that the North Shore Sun is allowing “Cyberbully” ways on their blogs.