Suffolk Times website gets a facelift

11/13/2010 4:49 AM |

In an effort to make our online content more accessible and easier for our readers to navigate, The Suffolk Times website has received a facelift.
The new-look comes complete with a longer home page that features three times more content.
“In this ever-changing world of online media, we want to continue to make the types of adjustments that will help our readership get the most out of our product,” said Andrew Olsen, publisher of Times/Review Newspapers. “For more than 150 years The Suffolk Times has been the North Fork’s primary source for local news, and we are always striving for new and improved ways to deliver that news to you.”
In the near future, the site will also include a new and improved interactive calendar function and expanded online business directory.
The site will also be updated more frequently, with an increased focus on multimedia presentations.
Of course, the Suffolk Times staff is always looking for feedback from our readership. To offer your opinions, or to request features you’d like to see contact the web team at [email protected].



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  • Where is the Digital Edition?
    Without the images of the printed paper the connection to place is weakened. Also the advertisements are missing.

  • Thank you for your input. We are looking at our web product as not just a web version of the printed paper. We want to bring fresh content everyday, throughout the day to our readership. The digital edition was visited by very few people on the sites. If we find a large demand for it to come back we will consider it. We launched the new site with the intention of working with the community to build a site that reflects the ever changing advances in the web as well as what our readership finds useful. This is the beginning step, we we will be growing and building from here.

  • I think the new format is outstanding.This is the first time i’ve seen it and i like it better than the old.You’ve done a good job.

  • Thank you! We have fresh news content every day and future additions include interactive classifieds, calendar and business directory. Join us on Facebook and Sign up for our mailing list. Keep giving us feedback!

  • This purchase is another fiscally irresponsible move by the local politicians. I have a piece of property I will eventually like to sell. Maybe the town and county will buy it when I’m ready. I will need the money to furnish my retirement.

    Why couldn’t the Vassilaros family continue to own it, pay the property taxes, keep it undeveloped? They were not obligated to develop it. Instead, they got a bailout, paid for by Suffolk County and Brookhaven Town residents.

  • Libertylover – The reason is because the Vassilaros family had developers who were willing buyers. A family is under no obligation to keep property undeveloped and continue to pay taxes on it. Isn’t it their right to sell the property to take care of their family? So the local governments can either let a tract of land be sold as of right to developers or they can purchase it for public purposes like preservation or development of a park. You are right to question the value of the purchase but you should not question the family or put the burden on them. That is not fair. When you are ready to sell your property you sure wouldn’t want anybody telling you you can’t.

  • I bet she’s thrilled!

    I’m not sure how having 2 private residences on publicly owned land is going to work out. Can I go hiking through their back yard?

  • When the Town claim to not have money beyond 2012 or 13. It is not good to rub this in the taxpayers face. Every paper you look in the town claims that without frugality they will be broke. Maybe down the road it may have been a good idea, not while the town talks about layoffs.