Crash closes Main Road in Laurel

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12/07/2010 3:10 PM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | A green Honda was totaled in a four-vehicle accident in Laurel Tuesday

Three women suffered internal injuries after a four-vehicle accident on Route 25 in Laurel Tuesday afternoon.

The Jamesport, Mattituck and Cutchogue fire departments were called to the scene near Laurel Lake Vineyards while traffic was diverted from Route 25.

Police said Virginia McCaffery, 42, of Mattituck was driving west on Route 25 when she had a coughing fit and did not see another car, driven by Noemi Oliva, 27, of Laurel, that was stopped in the westbound lane, while turning left into a driveway.

Ms. McCaffery reportedly hit Ms. Oliva’s car, which caused Ms. Oliva’s car to strike another car, driven by Colleen Merz, 46, of Mattituck, who was heading east on Route 25, and another vehicle in which no one was injured.

All three women suffered internal injuries, according to police. Ms. Oliva was taken to Stony Brook University Medical Center by police helicopter, Ms. Merz was taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport by Cutchogue Fire Department and Ms. McCaffery was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead by Mattituck Fire Department.

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  • i hope to God the family of the victims were notified BEFORE the license plate was plastered all over the internet and the family members don’t find out this way……

  • Why is the plate number and the SHOE featured in the photo????? News is one thing but someone’s horrific tragedy is another….please don’t publish plate numbers…..I couldn’t imagine finding out that way.

  • terrible that license plate was in photo!!

  • I wonder why the photo was published at all

  • considering the people’s names were mentioned in the article, i don’t think showing the plate is a concern at all. additionally, unless you are all cops, you can’t run the plate number on your own. i guess people are just looking for something to complain about??

  • The names were just added a little while ago. The picture with the license plate was posted yesterday afternoon. I agree, that anyone that close to the injured parties would probably have already heard about the accident before they read the story, but still, a little common decency in this situation is not too much to ask for.

  • How many people actually know the license plate of there family and friends? I’m lucky if I know my own plate number. It would be more likely to notice the car and color. Plus the public would find out who it is by the names being released. People need to stop complaining about such irrelevant matters and use their energy elsewhere.

  • What is his salary and pension?

  • I asked how much his salary and pension are. The public has a right to know how much government employees are being paid so citizens can determine if they are getting a fair shake on their hard-earned taxes. Government employee pay and pensions have been increasing rapidly for several years, have gone unchallenged, and until recently have been hidden from public view. They are pushing local budgets higher, which are pushing taxes higher and forcing cuts in other programs.

    Questioning motives is a diversion from the issue. How much is he being paid and what is his pension?