Efforts underway to revive Greenport American Legion post

12/13/2010 3:05 PM |

Almost a decade after community members and contractors rallied to save the Burton Potter American Legion Post 185 in Greenport, a renewed effort is under way to make the structure viable.

The last restoration effort resulted in replacement of a worn out boiler, interior painting and improvements to the front of the structure on Third Street in the village. But fast forward almost 10 years and the old post has a badly leaking roof, a southern wall that’s crumbling and a floor — once used for roller skating — that is warped.

Bob Heaney, owner of Skipper’s Restaurant in Greenport, helped lead the charge for the restoration, sponsoring a fund-raising dinner on Veterans Day in an effort to pay for repairs that would enable the veterans to revive the long popular children’s roller-skating program.

Mr. Heaney has also organized a committee with George Costello Sr., Craig Richter and others to plan construction work.

Contractor Colin Ratsey has already volunteered his services to patch leaks in the roof. The next concern is to fix the buckling floor and repair the south wall, Mr. Richter said.

Liz Morrison, who is working with the organizing committee, is a Navy veteran who was stationed in Chicago toward the end of the first Gulf War. When she first came home, she wanted a post, but felt the existing one didn’t serve her needs or interests, she said.

“I wanted to come home to a post; I didn’t want to come home to a bar,” she said. “We need community.”

Anyone interested in joining the effort to renovate the hall can reach Ms. Morrison at 477-5914 or Marilyn Corwin at 477-1456.

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  • That skating rink was so important in the 1950s and 60s. It kept many of us off the streets and (mostly) out of trouble. We could skate Friday and Saturday nights, or Saturday or Sunday afternoons. And for awhile we had a roller hockey league for my age group. I can still hear that roller skating organ music. Yes, we need to support renovation efforts, but there’s also got to be a plan for the building’s use that will benefit the community, especially its youth. We can’t just do it for nostalgia’s sake. Steve Burt

  • Way to go Bobby Heaney!

  • Yes as kids in our age bracket The American Legion did many things for the community..Skating there brings back many great memories along with alot of what Our Local Veterans did for the community.. It’s time now to get the community to pull thru and get this Post back ALIVE and do for the Veterans.. HELP OUT!
    Way to go Bobby along with many of the other people involved in getting back this Post..It is a must!

  • Put out donation jars at all the resturants and local establishments..Raffle off baked goods.. So much can be done and you’d be surprised how much those jars will collect..Have Barbaques, lunch menu and hold dinners every so often.. Have the post start up babe ruth and american legion baseball and get sponsers to help..Charge the kids 200.00 bucks to get on the team.. Just in that you’d be surprised how much the post can pull in.. I did it here with our local Post and didn’t cost the legion on dime and i got over 11 teams thru out the county..Even took em on road trips to play.. So much can be done to get this post alive again! I better hush