Teeny Awards judges needed

12/21/2010 9:34 AM |

East End Arts Council is seeking qualified volunteer judges for the ninth year of the Teeny Awards program, which recognizes individual achievement in local high school productions throughout the year.

Applicants should have a strong theater background.

Judges will anonymously attend high school productions and evaluate students using a tool based on an academic rubric. They will also be invited to attend the gala awards ceremony in June.

Applications can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected]



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  • Why not make some suggestions to him. Other areas are actively working with Sup. Lesko and feel good. Sorry that you feel Rocky Point and Miller Place isn’t getting heard. I don’t work directly with Brookhaven or the Supervisor, but he seems like a very fair and likeable guy. When I hear him talk, he speaks about all the council districts. Maybe you can look at changing your perspective. Maybe it will help.

  • I hope he means what he says about not increasing taxes. A fine example is the sidewalk project on King Road in Rocky Point that will cost 1.2 million dollars in borrowed money that no one on King Road wants. This project is being pushed by Jane Bonner and Rich Johannesen, not the people on King Road. Jane Bonner only listens to her constituents when they agree with her.