Santa Pics: Jack and Madeline Hunzinger Meet With Santa

12/22/2010 9:47 AM |

Jack and Madeline Hunzinger are 3 years old and live in Cutchogue

This Santa is the owner of Suffolk Security Systems (Paul Romanelli) and flew here via helicopter as part of The North Fork Chamber of Commerce’s Cutchogue Christmas celebration a few weeks ago.

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  • Grumman used to allow an annual deer hunt on the property, where, because of the fences, the herd grew too large for the available range, resulting in stunted, often sickly animals.
    If the herd needs thinning to maintain a healthy stock, it should be done.
    The problem will come when and if EPCAL is finally developed, and the entire herd will probably have to be removed.
    This type of operation is not a “canned hunt,” where animals are raised and thrown out in front of hunters. Don’t fall for that line.
    The NY State deer herd is at a very high level, and crop damage is costing the economy. If the fence is broken, letting deer out onto nearby farms, repair the fence.

  • residents only thats b.s its in suffolk county it should be open to all residents not just town of riverhead ones

  • We are looking forward to the DEKS nano craft beer festival. We enjoy the craft beers that rotate constantly on their draft beer system. The place is very charming and they are very knowledgable about their products. It should be quite the event!!!!

  • WOW!!! A craft beer event in Rocky Point. Hosted by DEKS…. Couldn’t have a better match……DEKS and craft beers, a match like America and apple pie. My taste buds are on high alert. Can’t wait.

  • Heavy snow headed our way…Most accurate weather forecasts for NYC and LI here:

  • Can’t wait for this event. Especially excited about the Barrier ESB. That brewery has been cracking out some really incredible beers.