Wind, foot of snow cause dangerous road conditions across the North Fork

12/27/2010 9:50 AM |

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Wind blows the snow around at Founders Landing.

While the storm that brought a foot of snow to the North Fork Sunday has stopped, the wind that is blowing it all around and making driving conditions particularly dangerous continues to roar.

Wind gusts are still being recorded at as much as 47 miles per hour in Mattituck Monday morning, where temperatures are in just the mid-20s. The windy conditions are expected to remain steady until tomorrow morning, where sunny weather is predicted and temperatures are expected to rise above freezing.

Southold officials are urging drivers who do not have to leave their home to stay put today, as the plows continue to clear area streets.

Southold Town police closed closed down Soundview Avenue in Southold just west of Town Beach because of the erosion to the sound bluff near the roadway., according to Capt. Martin Flatley.

Capt. Flatley said the only major problems caused by the storm has been the flood high tides.

“Most low lying areas were under water this morning at high tide and probably will be again at
the next high tide between 3 and 4:30 pm depending where you are,” Capt. Flatley wrote in an e-mail.

The storm also led to a delayed opening at Southold Town Hall, which will open its doors at noon.

Residents and vacationers looking to leave Southold today may need to make other plans. The Long Island Rail Road has suspended systemwide service indefinitely and all area airports are expected to remain closed until 4 p.m.

The storm also caused some power outages in Southold, where about 25 residents were still without power at 9 a.m., according to the Long Island Power Authority. But that is the fewest reported outages of any Long Island township other than Shelter Island.

The snow fell for nearly 24 hours Sunday into Monday, eclipsing the 10-inch mark around midnight in Orient, according to the National Weather Service.

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  • once again things are report wrong in the suffolk times… the Blizzard Warning is in effect until 6pm on monday not 6am…. if u want correct weather info go to weather professionals from the or

  • All fixed. We regret the typo.

  • Can we get an update this morning? Many people are getting up for work and I read that the National Weather Advisory was extended and remains in effect until noon and also warns against travel. Also that the trains have been shut down.

  • Yes, Bonner was a BIG disappointment and surprised Panico did side with the people ?
    And what did she mean by “well this isn’t Manorville”

    Anyone want to buy a house?
    Comes with a view of CVS
    Thanks for ruining my dream of home ownership……….

    Getting out as soon as possible………………

  • Seriously, if Jane Bonner isn’t representing the people of her district, then who exactly IS she representing?

  • This was a good project. Bonner sides with the community and always puts people first. A 225′ buffer is exceptional for this area. 6 acres preserved. This is Route 112 not a walkable area. Connie is wrong.

  • It’s all about the campaign money. That’s what politicians do.

  • I am a resident further north of this development. I have a car for myself and 1 for my husband. My two teenage sons walk this part of RT 112 all the time. If you haven’t come to this area lately, the State has really helped to eliminate the dangers by installing many crossing lights. I support my local businesses and considering the many unemployed people (including teenagers…) we can use some more business, especially on that corner.

    BTW, I think Jane does represents us since her work on the Davis house is well documented considering that Brookhaven doesn’t care about that structure.

  • The Board was correct in approving the zone change. It is just what the area needs. Councilwoman Kepert seems to change back and forth on just what is walkable. Councilwoman Bonner was correct in her vote, although I don’t think it was the most difficult decision she has had too make. Somebody should wake Councilman Fiore-Rosenfeld up. Kepert positions was defeated twice that evening . She should take the clue that her positions don’t fly. Those voicing their opposition will be the ones that will benefit the most.