Equal Time: Why does Souhold fear competition?

01/28/2011 8:00 AM |

I’d like to clear the air and respond to the misinformation you’ve been reading about Go-Green over the past few weeks.

I’m not sure what the mileage requirements are to being labeled as an, “out of town carter,” but I was born in Central Suffolk Hospital and lived and worked on the East End my entire life. I’ve operated a local landscaping business for 14 years.

Why is Southold Town using its resources to protect and favor a few select carters? Why is the town threatening to fine its residents? If the town’s job is to enforce the rules, then why are they trying to change their current laws to squelch competition?
I have no problem documenting where my material is going. But if the town is charging $95 a ton on the scale when the going rate should be under $60, can they document where all that extra money is going?

Go-Green Sanitation and numerous other companies offer the exact same service from Remsenburg to Montauk that we’re now offering to Southold residents. We pick up residential waste and transport it to state Department of Environmental Conservation-approved and permitted recycling facilities. There are numerous facilities throughout Long Island.

Mr. Russell claims that we’re violating a state law. I’d like to know which state law that is, and why it only applies to Southold Town. Is it a state law that says only Southold Town residents are required to separate and dispose of their waste in yellow bags? Since we’re not dumping in Southold’s facility, we are not required to use their yellow bags.

I’d also like to know how and where the “local” carters dump the waste they collect in other towns. Are they going over the scales and dumping it in the yellow bag section?

Can Mr. Russell explain the differences between our 96-gallon, Go-Green pails and all the small dumpsters located on residential properties throughout the town? I’ve never seen yellow bags in those containers. Where is that waste being sorted?

Go-Green also provides construction dumpsters to contractors and homeowners. I’ve personally tried to do business with Southold’s transfer station. I offered to transport all my material there and keep my business within the town. Jim Bunchuck, Southold Town’s waste coordinator, said his facility isn’t capable of handling that much commercial business. He said that’s why they keep their dumping rates so high, to discourage commercial accounts.

The truth is, the town forces its residents to buy the yellow bags and their “local” carters are allowed to dump them for free at the town landfill. They’re both making money, while the residents pay twice and deal with the inconvenience and hassle of the bags.
Of course your “local” carters aren’t going to complain. Now when another carter comes along and offers you a choice, all they’ve done is misinform and engage in what can only be described as protectionism.

We’re doing nothing wrong and we’re going to continue to offer a better service at a better price that’s more convenient to the residents. We’re going to continue to offer choice.

America was built on free enterprise and hard work. Now it’s in trouble because of greed and too much government. Maybe the town should leave the garbage business to private industry.

A little competition is good. It keeps everyone honest.

Mr. Fisher is the owner of Go-Green Sanitation of Riverhead.



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  • Dear Mr. Fischer:

    I guess you are finding out how special Southold is. Protection of it’s local businesses is the least of it. The “state law” that Scott Russell says you are flouting…no doubt, he’s making that up. We don’t question authority, in Southold. We make things up, and no one challenges us.

    Like our Town Board. Every other similar municipality has five members…we have six, a “fake” member made up for an island of three hundred…for FAIRNESS?????? A permanent Republican member, I might add.

    Like our Trustees. Created in 1893 by the state legislature, they falsely claim fealty to the English crown. We bow to their bogus authority, because that’s the way we are.

    Political? We’re not political, like other human and sentient beings. We’re above that. We just kowtow to our local yokels.

    Good Luck, with your “rational” arguments. This is Wonderland.

  • Is communism alive and well in Southold Town, before you know it they’ll be telling you that you can only buy groceries in a certain store, that you can only drink Coke and not pepsi. As a private citizen in Southold Town I dispose of by trash where I damn well please, (of course legally) if I want to waste time and money I’ll take it to Riverhead.

  • The town has meet their match they are powerless to stop this. How stupid they look now

  • Frank FIscher is correct. Why does a NYS law only apply to Southold in this case? What a bunch of Southold town nonsense. I am embarrasesed by our local governing body! What a bunch of self serving idiots and an example of why they can get nothing done- except their own agenda. If laws are violated, go after him in the courts for the violation, not the local paper!

  • The claim of Go-Green to pick up residential waste and transport it to numerous recycling facilities throughout Long Island is unbelievable.

    Why is Frank Fischer unable to name even one of the recycling facilities?

    Frank Fischer is right about the small dumpsters located on residential properties throughout the town. And we all know that two wrongs make a right.

  • Mr Russell opened a “pandoras box” , and now he has egg on his face.

  • Mr Russell opened a “pandoras box” , and now he has egg on his face.