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  • As a former Mattituck High School Social Studies teacher who used to help direct the school variety shows, I got a real kick out of this idea. “Dancing with the Stars’ comes to Mattituck! Am wondering if there are any other staff members (or students who have become staff members) who were there when I was. If so, please email me back at [email protected]. Would love to hear from you. Richie Phillips

  • Leave to to Bill to tell it like it is. There is nothing he said that isn’t the truth. He may have left out some things like the cop who beat up his wife, or the other cop who loves to give DWI’s and then ended up in rehab himself, but these are minor details right Cara?
    Lets see how long they leave this up. My bet is that it will be down by Friday.
    Thanks Bill, I may not always agree with you, but I respect your integrity and your fearlessness in getting out the truth. You really do love this island, and it shows. The world needs more people like you. Especially in these times.

  • Truer words have never been spoken especially in the Reporter over the past years. Since when do our police investigate themselves and how did our detective Sargent find the time to do this, and waste taxpayer dollars, with all the other crime he is solving?
    Yep, Bill was right again. I wasn’t one of the people that voted for him although I told him I did and wish I had now. This guy we have now and his entourage are not even puppets, they are jellyfish. Look at the mess this island is in and all the things allowed to be swept under the rug! I know one thing, if Bill runs again not only will I vote for him, but I’ll campaign for him to. If it were anyone else who got caught taking that truck they would have been arrested by our esteemed Det. Sgt., but because its another cop and one that constantly has been in trouble, untold amonts of time and money were wasted on this paper that would be better off used in a bathroom someplace. It certainly reads and is a piece of fiction to put it nicely.

  • let’s see how long the ‘powers that be” in the police station allow the Reporter to keep these comments posted…….
    Bill Smith

  • The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement Accreditation Program* became operational in 1989.

    Southampton Village Police Department became accredited in 1993.
    Southampton Town Police Department became accredited in 1998.
    East Hampton Town Police Department became accredited in 1992.
    Suffolk County Police Department became accredited in 2005.
    Shelter Island Town Police Department became accredited in 2009.

    Southold Town Police Department has not yet applied for accreditation.

    Last fall, when I questioned the Southold Town Police Commission (aka Southold Town Board) it was unaware of, and uninterested in, Law Enforcement Accreditation.

    *The NYS Law Enforcement Accreditation Program provides formal recognition that a law enforcement agency is administered and operates effectively and efficiently, follows clear policies and procedures and works together with other law enforcement agencies.

    There is no application fee and all materials are provided at no cost. Associated costs that may be incurred to achieve and maintain accreditation are minimal since existing personnel, equipment and facilities are utilized as much as possible. These costs may be more than offset by increases in efficiency. The benefits of accreditation include a reduced vulnerability to civil law suits and costly settlements and an increase in public confidence in the agency.

    Effectiveness, efficiency and economy are all goals of the Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.