Editorial: At war with East Hampton

02/04/2011 11:33 AM |

We hear from the supervisor that an East Hampton councilman called to complain that Southold Town’s helicopter noise negotiator is “stepping on a lot of toes” by insisting that the copters carrying the rich and famous to and from the South Fork stay on a southerly route to bypass the island’s North Shore, thus sparing us from the obnoxious, earsplitting din that’s become all too familiar. This should come as absolutely no surprise, since that town previously thumbed its nose at Southold by outlawing ferry terminals, even though a considerable amount of Connecticut-bound ferry traffic on the North Fork originates on the south side.

So much for regional cooperation and maintaining that old East End esprit de corps. Thank heaven Peconic County never materialized.



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  • East Hampton didn’t want a ferry, and they don’t have one.
    East Hampton didn’t want a McDonalds, and they don’t have one.
    East Hampton doesn’t want helicopter noise, and they don’t have any.

    Stop me if anyone sees a trend here, but I have a very hard time believing that East Hampton has a monopoly on intelligence. If they can stop these problems, we can too. Even if all we have to do is photocopy their town code, and then adopt it.

  • Who is Southold Town’s helicopter noise negotiator?

    What is the point of this Editorial?

    Is it that,

    Anarchy is better since democracy is not unanimous.

    Sounds like alot of nonsense.

  • “Sounds like alot of nonsense.”

    Pot, meet Kettle.