Mattituck traffic diverted after man falls on Main Road

02/10/2011 11:23 AM |

Southold Police diverted traffic off the Main Road in Mattituck at 10 a.a. Thursday after an elderly man fell while crossing the highway by the intersection with Wickham Avenue.

After a good Samaritan motorist heading eastward shielded the man with his vehicle, members of the Mattituck Fire Department rescue squad transported the man to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

The road was reopened within a half hour.



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  • Highway? Main Road is a two-lane, rural road. It’s a problem when we think of it as a highway. Thank goodness the gentleman who fell wasn’t struck by a vehicle.

  • They called Sound Avenue a “Highway” in the article about the Jeep flipping over a couple of days ago.


  • high·way (hī′wā′)


    any road freely open to everyone; public road
    a main road; thoroughfare
    a main route by land or water
    a direct way to some objective