Planning Board discusses cell towers at Penny Lumber

02/16/2011 7:00 AM |

When Penny Lumber in Mattituck received approval from the Planning Board several years ago for MetroPCS to build a cell tower on its 3.8 acre property on Sound Avenue, permission was granted on the condition that the tower be designed to look like a flagpole.

Since then, the flag on the pole has fallen off and has not been replaced, and now another cell phone carrier, T-Mobile, wants to install a second antenna on the pole.

Ms. Lanza said that T-Mobile has informed her that they can’t install the antenna inside the pole, and that the Planning Board has asked T-Mobile to insure that the second antenna be the same color as the pole and that is is installed flush against the pole.

The Planning Board has also asked that a light that was initially installed to illuminate the flag on the flagpole be removed.

The second antenna would be attached 75 feet up the 100 foot pole. It required special exception approval for an antenna that is not in compliance with the town code. Both the special exception approval and the site plan approval were granted unanimously Monday night.

Editor’s Note: For a full recap from this week’s planning board meeting, check out Thursday’s Suffolk Times.

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One Comment

  • So you made them erect a flag pole, and allowed them to do it because it looked like a flag pole. Then they didn’t fly a flag on it, and now you are allowing them to permanently not fly a flag from it, and expand the pole, so it looks different, larger.

    So thank you. You have now done exactly what the planning board tried to prevent when they erected the tower in the first place. You have created, and now endorsed, a cell tower in the middle of Mattituck. Thanks. Convenience stores, cell towers, chain stores, uncompleted bank buildings. What else do you “plan” to dump on Mattituck next?

    You people stink. And I venture to say that none of you live in Mattituck. This is complete crap, and you should all be thrown out of office. You are “planning” nothing. You are the “sell-out board” and we pay you for the privilege. November can’t come soon enough.