Report card time — for schools

02/18/2011 10:17 AM |

The state education department has released report cards for all New York schools for the 2009-2010 school year.

The reports include math and English test scores for grades 3-8; graduation rates for freshmen who entered high school in 2005 and were scheduled to graduate in 2009: and whether a school “failed to make adequate yearly progress” and thus was placed on a schools in need of improvement, or SINI, list.

The reports also include previously unreleased data such as Regents and other test results by district and school.

Officials note that before last school year the state raised the English Language Arts and Math “cut scores” for the basic and proficient performance levels.

“Raising the cut scores in this manner caused a statewide drop in the percent of students scoring at proficiency levels 3 and 4,” officials said.



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  • Health Insurance increases were projected as 1.3 Million, not $1,300. An estimated increase of 17.7%. It was stated that the premium for 2012 will not be known until January 2012 (or immediately before)- so district only knows with certainty what the premium for 2011 portion of that school year is.

  • The board is not of the mindset to “give them what they want and forget about the taxpayers”.
    I strongly encourange you to submit your ideas and suggestions and the board will listen. No one has all the answers and the board is actively seeking input from our constituents.
    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]

  • I’m not a SWR resident but I have to applaud the efforts of these two board members. I wish members of the school board in my district would publicly challenge its leadership like this. They just sit there like bobbleheads agreeing with the Superintendent on everything that emanates his lips. SWR Residents you should rally around these two individuals and provide them with your support.

  • If I remember correctly the budget was voted down by the biggest turn out and the board put it in anyway.

  • Wait a minute…what happened to the $2.5 million general fund balance at the end of 2010? Read the story here:

  • @JD- Revenue side of the budget presentation has not occured yet. They have identified much of the savings last year throughout these workshops. IE: in last night’s presentation it was revealed that savings occured as the result of fewer layoffs than anticipated for 2010-11 school year as the result of retirements- thereby not necessitationg the projected contributions to workers comp and COBRA health premiums when they budgeting last year (knowing staff reduction would be necessary).
    Mr. Alcorn’s position was that we have cut for so long (as the result of our perpetual shortage of State Aid- despite the State acknowledging that it exists) that we should let the community decide if they want to keep the programs we have been able to maintain on this State Aid starvation diet; or to decimate our district’s offerings to far below what the Courts have held is the Constitutionally guaranteed education – to meet budget constraints- without giving the community a chance to decide.
    As a note to anonymous critics-
    Nobody is hiding any $$. I’d encourage you to attend budget workshops; or view the videos if your schedule does not permit. Let’s deal with FACTS alone. Those are scary enough this year.

  • Copel stated that with this year’s fund balance (money not spent in this years budget) the BOE should consider creating an Employee Retirement System Reserve Fund. Well folks, that means they are taxing us for funding they did not need in this school year, in which they will create a reserve fund out of. Whatever line items were over budgeted should be REDUCED in the upcoming budget, or we are going to be taxed again for those same line items where money was not needed in the first place. Without a REAL BAC going over line by line, what was really spent this year, what was budgeted, what is not needed to be as high next year, makes this whole budget process bogus. Where is any board member asking what line items were overinflated that we have EXCESS funds, (of course there has to be a cushion in any budget) but how much of a cushion (balance) was there in this 2010-2011 budget. We used to have ACTUAL budget numbers reported during the budget meetings, with an ongoing, updated ANTICIPATED FUND BALANCE PROJECTION for June 30th of each given year. I suggest to board members who are reading these comments to get that announced at the next budget meeting, and see that this information is out sooner than later to the community. BEFORE the budget vote.

    Last year was not the largest turn out for a budget. Some need to go back and see the history of this district’s voting records. If this board with Copel’s assistance tries this year to hold us hostage once again, by not giving us a second vote, with a reduced budget, not putting the district right on contingency, you will have a defeated budget and we will face contingency. Get back to the responsible way of getting voter approval. Put out a full blown, everything included budget, if that is your blinded desire. If defeated, THAN DO THE RESPONSIBLE, RIGHT THING… put out a second budget with some reductions, such as Administrative, and in secretaries, and how about some GIVE BACKS? Where is SWR being announced in Newsday with teachers giving something BACK? Have them and Admin contribute more to health care, stop the family coverage for retirees. The private sector is paying MORE… in premiums and copays. Why shouldn’t public employees do the same? STOP Life Insurance coverage, beyond $10,000. Make anything above that, totally voluntary as private companies do.

    Guaranteed raises of 2.5% for STEP increases (alone) … the private sector isnt getting raises, their incomes are being held flat, or taking cuts to keep their jobs, or being laid off. We cant keep giving over in taxes when we, ourselves are losing personally. Why in 2012 are there salary increases of a whopping 4.5% ??? That is so out of touch with the people paying for these increases. When this BOE demands that the unions do something to GIVE BACK, maybe then they will find places to reduce the budget that will not hurt our children. If the union members are so selfish to not give back, but instead would rather see teachers laid off, then that is a sad state of how it is truly a “Whats in it for me mentality” rather than, lets all share some of this burden together, so that everyone shares some pain in this. The taxpayers are shouldering the burden 100%, lets share that burden, please.

    You will see a defeat of the budget this year if what is being planned for goes through. Threats to hurt our children will be addressed for the absolute disgrace that they are. Try your first budget vote with nothing cut, bravo is passed, but if defeated PUT UP BUDGET #2… If initially you show no effort to reduce anything, you will get a HUGE NO VOTE… Head the warning. Plan for a second vote to do right by the community. Until Copel came on board, we always had two votes. Inevitably, a second vote almost every time was passed, especially if there was some reduction in the budget. Turning one budget defeat into contingency is irresponsible and downright acting as terrorists. If this BOE wants some credibility within the community, stop Copel’s practice of, SWR community, you pass this budget or you will be punished with contingency. The people are tired of this underhanded tactic and this year, should the board go along with this scheme, it will backfire.

    Mr. Pluschua, please be the BOE’s voice of reason, as it seems you are, and do not let this community be held hostage once again. If this BOE cannot make reductions, put up the budget going forward as the past year, but with a defeat, give the community a second chance with a reduced budget, including suggestions that you have offered. You will have the majority of this community’s support. Please be the change that this district needs so desperately.

  • Careful what you wish for….

  • I hear you and will continue to strive for transparency.
    Please write the board with your comments and ideas.
    You are also welcome to contact me directly via email and i will be happy to discuss further via email or phone.
    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]

  • Agreed. We all need to do a better job presenting and communication facts rather than the continual campaigns of misinformation coming from multiple sides.
    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]

  • The district cannot implement a budget that did not pass voter approval.
    Additionally, Last years proposed budget was for a smaller increase than voiced by those present at budget workshops and it was approved by the voters.
    This may not have represented the entire community but there were a significant number present during these sessions.
    The BoE is in great need of feedback at the budget workshops so please attnd in person or email the board with your concerns.

    Rich Pluschau
    [email protected]