Editorial: East End Copter fight is far from over

02/23/2011 9:31 PM |

Employing language much favored by political figures, Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that the bill recently passed by the Senate funding the Federal Aviation Administration represents a “major breakthrough” in the effort to control the noise made by helicopters crossing the North Fork on the way to and from East Hampton and Southampton. The senator added an amendment ordering the FAA to come up with rules that address the noise problem within 12 months. The extremely noisy aircraft now cross over the North Fork wherever a pilot sees fit. A designated flight path that keeps the copters out over the Sound until they reach Plum Gut is voluntarily and hardly, if ever, used.

A major breakthrough? Not quite, since the House of Representatives has yet to take up that authorization bill. How the measure might fare there is anyone’s guess, but there’s reason for concern given the new GOP majority’s strong pro-business tilt. Within the past week the North Fork suffered a significant setback in the House when that chamber agreed to maintain funding for a new animal disease research center in Kansas — in the heart of cattle country, of all places — to replace the Plum Island lab.
Then there’s the East Hampton town councilman’s admission that a number of his constituents have attorneys lined up to fight any flight path switch that would put the helicopters over their homes.

Something tells us we’re in for a long, bumpy flight.



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  • Why don’t we work out a payment system- flights ending on the South Fork but flying over the North Fork have to pay us something for the privilege of keeping their houses less noisy. Do they have EZ pass for aircraft?

  • Thanks so much for reporting on the election. So frustrated with News 12 no coverage. Mary, Sound Beach

  • Good job, SUN! These results were not on News12 or Newsday sites. It may be just one district, but it’s important to the 6500-plus who voted today.

  • I’ve known Sarah a few years and she always keeps up on local issues, both big and small.

    In fact, I recently ran into her a local bagel shop where the discussion was not food but traffic concerns, she will do fine in her new position.

    And good riddance to any politician connected to Steve Levy or the Suffolk County Republican Party.

    Congrats Sarah !!

    Ms. G’s class says hello !!!

  • I am very disappointed. Marty Haley is a great hands on person. I was a complete stranger to him but when I needed help getting through a lot of red tape he personally helped me get it taken care of. He did not hand it off to someone else or brush me off. He is a fine man.

  • Marty Haley knows Government. He is a true Fiscal Conservative. When the UNIONS announced that they would take control of Ms. Anker Campaign, I knew that Marty, the most qualified candidate, would lose.

    Take a look across our once great Country, SHE is on the verge of collapse because of the sense of
    entitlement perpetrated by the Union Thugs. LI has lost Levy and the Unions have yet another foot-hold and I don’t see Suffolk County surviving the take over by the Spend and Tax Liberals. 🙁

  • to SaveAmerica….Sarah Anker won because she received more votes. Only FIFTEEN percent of people living in the district voted. Both democrats and republicans NEED to vote. Union thugs—seriously? The reason any of us, union or non-union, has worker rights is because of unions fighting for these things 100 years ago. Minimum wage, overtime, vacation time, exploitation of minors working–you get the idea. Instead of tearing down unions, you should be fighting to get one for whatever line of work you are in so you are protected against these things.

  • Thank you, North Shore Sun, for the news this morning. Your web site was the only place that had it. Much appreciated.

  • It’s so great to have a real person who cares about us–her neighbors–win an election. Too many Conservatives say they want change but then vote for the same old political hacks who have created our problems.

  • only thing worse than a tax and spend liberal is a borrow and spend conservative – how about 1 trillion dollars borrowed for an unecessary war which we are going to be paying off for generations.

  • Perhaps it is time for us to have fewer people who “know government” and more people who have a real interest and track record in public service serving in public office.

    Attacking unions is silly. Why not attack the poor? Why not attack people who can’t pay their mortgages? Why not attack people who don’t have the means to pay for good health care?

    How is Haley a “fiscal conservative”? Martin Haley did a fantastic job of putting signs with his name up around the district and getting a mailing out that features his photo with Steve Levy (bad timing). He did nothing to explain how he’s grown as a public servant based on all his years in public office and instead relayed messages consistent with the local Republican party.

    Anker’s mailings talked about what she has done and laid out positions on important issues. Some of her Robo calls touted the Democratic line but when people called and walked the district they spoke about Sarah and causes that she views as important.

  • I only voted for Sarah because I know her. She is a good caring person. I may not agree with her but she attempts to make a positive difference.

  • New Hampshire calls.
    Free states – one at a time.
    Perhaps my great – grandson will be there to see NY de-socialized.

  • Pic makes her look like she is yelling “Abner! Abner!”.


  • (This Letter to the Editor is in response to Kery Murakami’s Newsday’s March 31 article, entitled: “Vote Tally Continues,” regarding the Suffolk County Legislature’s 6th District‘s Special Election held on March 29, between Democrat Sarah Anker and Republican Martin Haley.)

    While I don’t expect Suffolk County Republican Leader, John Jay LaValle to congratulate the presumptive winner, Ms. Anker, I do suggest that he apologize to the 6,712 voters, plus the 257 absentee ballot voters, for suggesting that the “Democrats stole the election.” (Not to mention the hundreds of campaign volunteers and the even more Election Inspectors and Poll Watchers who diligently and honestly performed their respective duties!) Stealing (to take or get something secretly, surreptitiously, or through trickery – Encarta ® World English Dictionary) or implies that somebody got something that they did not deserve or did not work long and hard to achieve it.

    In that recently held election, both political parties (not to exclude the minor political parties) presented their best candidates to the people, who make the final choice. Perhaps, the Democrats worked harder, walked more, knocked on more doors, and presented their candidate’s positions better, thereby proving that Sarah Anker was best suited for the position. That’s called Democracy. “Stealing,” that’s called Tyranny.

    Perhaps Mr. LaValle forgets that it was not to long ago, that the NY State Senate Republicans tried to, as he so blatantly intones, “steal” the majority from the duly elected Democrats last summer. An old adage suggests, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

    Further, as reported in the article, Mr. LaValle said, “it was unfair to tie Haley to (Suffolk County Executive Steve) Levy based on party affiliation, noting that Levy had been a Democrat before switching parties about a year ago.” Mr. LaValle conveniently fails to remember, that Mr. Levy advised his former party that he “was always a Republican in his heart.” Even the New York State Republican Chair, Mr. Edward F. Cox, said of Mr. Levy, (May 30, 2010- NY Times) “He talks like a Republican; he’s acted like a Republican for years. He is now registering as a Republican. Are you going to say to him we’re not going to treat you like a Republican?”

    Which calls to mind another old adage, “To thine ownself, be true.” (Shakespeare-Hamlet.) Register and Vote. Thank you.

    Richard S. Macellaro