Mattituck woman charged with custodial interference

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03/04/2011 4:31 PM |

A Mattituck woman who police say picked up a 5-year-old child that wasn’t her’s from school without the family’s permission now faces criminal charges.

On Friday Southold Town Police arrested Diana Cook, 38, of Sound Ave. on a misdemeanor charge of custodial interference. She was released on bail for a future court appearance.

To protect the child’s identity, police are not identifying the school.



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  • The COPS make $120,000 per year. Great job! My registration on my vehicle is expired. Please come and serve me a warrant.

  • Sort of sounds like we are not getting the full story here.

  • of course no one names the is a child released to someone without a pick up note etc..that is how it’s meant to be, but i have personally witnessed this before..scary!

  • At the school I teach at we have an approved list of people who can pick up a child. If you are not on that list you don’t get that child… How in the hell did a school let someone just take a child? What happens if something happened to that child the school is going to be hurting…

  • What pray tell does your rant have to do with the story? Just asking.

  • misstaken play date is all i have to say, child never left school property

  • You are such an ass

  • The full story is missing. This was actually a case of a mother arranging a play date and messages crossed about which day. What a shame that the mother of the child that almost was taken for a playdate but was not is taking it that far.