Oncology center to open in Riverhead

03/07/2011 4:40 PM |

JOSEPH TUMINELLO PHOTO | 21st Century Oncology is in contract to buy the old P.C. Richard building in Riverhead.

A new cancer treatment center will open at the former P.C. Richard & Son building on Route 58. Peconic Bay Medical Center CEO Andrew Mitchell announced Saturday.

21st Century Oncology, which develops and operates radiation therapy centers in 15 states, is in contract to buy the building, Mr. Mitchell said. The Florida-based organization operates three centers in New York State, the nearest of which is in Yonkers.

Mr. Mitchell said PBMC will lease space at the new center to expand its family practice residency program.

At Saturday night’s hospital gala, Mr. Mitchell praised the decision by 21st Century Oncology to invest in health care for the North Fork community. The company has been selected to develop the first medical proton beam accelerator in New York State, considered to be cutting edge technology in oncology radiation.

Details on when 21st Century Oncology will open its center here or what the relationship might be between the hospital and center are unclear at the moment. 21st Century Oncology official did not immediately return calls seeking comment.



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  • Why does our medical establishment fail to promote patient participation in cancer treatment.

    An unhealthy diet and poor exercise habits are recognized as risk factors that may contribute to the cause of cancer. But a healthy diet and good exercise habits are not recognized as beneficial factors that may contribute to the cure of cancer.

    Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are all imperfect cures. Common sense tells us that a healthy lifestyle must contribute to their success rate.

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