Juan Eliseo Ramos Vasquez

03/08/2011 3:39 PM |

Juan Eliseo Ramos Vasquez died Feb. 28 at his home in Mattituck. He was 33.

The family will receive friends Thursday, March 10, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at DeFriest-Grattan Funeral Home in Mattituck. His remains will be returned home for burial in his native Guatemala.



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  • Our supervisor says “If its not costing us anything…” Where does he think government government comes from? If the money comes from federal grants, its still taxpayers’ money. As a society, why do we continue to spend money on frivolous things we can’t afford? Why do artists receive cheap housing paid for by taxpayers, while the rest of us work our tails off and barely get by?

  • I mean “Where does he think government money comes from?”

  • Let’s hope the Supervisor doesn’t move his kid brother from Flanders–the suspected school teacher–to exhibit his collection of tatooed p*****

  • And even if they get this grant, it will only cover a portion of the renovation expenses. I’m sure Ms. Muma will line up some other taxpayer-funded subsidies to cover the costs of the rest of the project. Maybe she’ll even get TAX ABATEMENT from the town for a period of time like some of the other redevelopment projects downtown have received… so then the rest of the hardworking residents of Riverhead can shoulder the burden while some artists from the city get to have studios out here on the weekend? And when they describe these artists lofts as “affordable” what price is that exactly? Is that $800/month? Is it $2000/month? Ms. Muma also installed some “affordable” units above Dark Horse. No mention of what those cost per month, but my guess is that they aren’t so “affordable” after all considering that they are all still vacant!

  • Ho, hum…Patchogue’s only 3+ years ahead of Riverhead on this http://artspacepatchogue.org/

  • Mis mas sentido pesame a su familia y amigos , que Dios lo tenga en un rinconcito serca del el …hsta luego paisano …sinceramente lilliana cifuentes