Mattituck-Cutchogue adopts $37 million school budget

04/27/2011 9:45 AM |

The Mattituck-Cutchogue school board is proposing a $37.36 million 2011-12 school budget, to be put before voters on May 17.

The proposed spending plan adopted by the school board April 14, represents a 2.24 percent spending increase over the 2010-11 budget, but a tax rate increase of 2 percent tax for residents in Southold Town. The increase for those living just over the Riverhead Town line in Laurel is 2.03 percent tax.

The district is touting the tax increase as the lowest in 37 years.

The plan calls for an appropriation of $1.16 million from the fund balance, the surplus, to offset the tax increase. Last year the district pulled $900,000 from the fund balance.

The district anticipates receiving $250,293 less in state aid next year and will need to contribute nearly $556,000 more to its teacher retirement plan than last year. In addition, the district will pay nearly $445,000 more in medical and dental insurance for employees.

Four full-time elementary school teachers and four teaching assistants, as well as other support staff, would lose their jobs under the proposed spending plan.

During budget discussions, the school board decided on the cuts based on declining enrollment at the elementary school.

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4 Comment

  • And McKenna still gets his raise while teachers are cut? And that benefits the kids how????

  • cut sports programs at the middle school level to save how much, $24,000? this benefits the children and makes them well rounded how? give up your bonus mckenna, do right by the kids. many children will not get the oportunity to participate in sports, find the money!

  • McKenna will never give up his bonus. He comes to school every September and goes on and on about the trips he takes over the summer, rubbing it in the faces of the (much) lesser paid staff. He is not in this job for the children. Maybe in the beginning of his career he was actually educationally focused. But now it’s all about the money and how he can get more of it while taking resources away from the staff and students.

  • McKenna gets a 14% incrrease in salary…his administration get 8%….and the Teachers are asked to give back and open ther contract…the CSEA members have gotten nothing at all in the way of a reasonable contract offer.
    The School Board should be ashamed of themselves for giving overpaid lackeys like McKenna such a gross salary knowing full well last year that this year would bring a budget cut and a tax cap…shame on you School Board…SHAME ON YOU!