Real Estate Transfers

12/21/2012 10:39 AM |

Listings prepared for Times/Review Newspapers by Suffolk Research Service, dated Nov. 10-15, 2012.

• Passano, G by Executor to Pace, Victoria, 142 Linda Ave (600-85-2-26), (R), $215,000

• Bagenski, C to Reeve, John, 21705 Route 25 (1000-108-3-9.3), (R), $450,000

• Daskam, A to Pembroke, William, 535 Calebs Way (1000-40.1-1-47), (R), $295,000
• Pembroke, W.D. to Whitecavage, Joshua, 2710 Kerwin Blvd (1000-53-4-44.10), (R), $480,000

• Celic, R to Nofo Partners, LLC, 75 Marlene Ln (1000-143-3-1), (C), $1,450,000

• Omni Ventures Inc to Southold Medical Arts Bldg, 937 E Main St (600-131-1-3), (V), $297,500

SOUTHOLD (11971)
• Vali, A by Executors to Berman, Andrew, 1325 N Sea Dr (1000-54-4-15.3), (R), $1,480,000
• Stathis, C & D to Martinovic, Tony, 3750 Pine Neck Rd (1000-70-12-9.6), (R), $562,500
• Edwards Ave Corp to Devito, Daniel, 750 Paradise Point Rd (1000-81-3-26.1), (R), $3,450,000

• Stewart III, E & J to Vanhouten, Brad, 39 Hill St E (600-33-5-5), (R), $105,000

(Key: Tax map numbers = District-Section-Block-Lot; (A) = agriculture; (R) = residential; (V) = vacant property; (C) = commercial; (R&E) = recreation & entertainment; (CS) = community services; (I) = industrial; (PS) = public service; (P) = park land; as determined from assessed values in the current tax rolls.)

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