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07/29/15 9:30am


It was a late night Monday for 11-year-old David Okula, a budding sports broadcaster and New York Mets fan. The news of a blockbuster trade sending former Met Jose Reyes to Colorado in exchange for shortstop Troy Tulowitzki took preeminence over any bedtime.  READ

07/15/15 11:19pm

North Fork Osprey Bobby Honeyman bats in the first inning of Wednesday's all-star game. (Credit: Daniel De Mato)

Eddie Haus posed for a picture alongside Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League president Brett Mauser when a woman came rushing toward the field, camera in hand.

Haus, an outfielder for the Shelter Island Bucks, turned and smiled wide as the woman steadied her camera for a shot of her own.

It was his mother.  READ

06/27/15 6:00am

I’ve already owned two iPads. My newest MacBook Pro laptop is probably the fourth or fifth computer I’ve used since beginning my career here in 2006. (Some suffered ill fates, such as the laptop that got crushed by a rolling grill in the back of a van. Imagine explaining that to your boss.) I’ve always been careful with cell phones, but even without breaking any, the natural order of progression has required me to cycle through four or five phones in the past nine years. (more…)