01/13/17 6:00am

Tricia Scotti

It takes passion, discipline and respect to make it as a performer. Part-time North Fork resident Tricia Scotti has learned this in her nearly three-decade career as a vocalist and guitarist. Now, she wants to share her professional knowledge with her latest undertaking: the vocal lesson service Sing Sessions, which will begin operating from a Mattituck storefront later this month.


Featured Story
01/11/17 6:00am

Bob White

In the 50 years he owned and operated White’s Hardware in Greenport, Sundays were Bob White’s only day off. And although he worked Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., it wasn’t uncommon for Mr. White’s home telephone to ring on a Sunday when someone, in the middle of painting their living room, inevitably found their supplies running low.


01/10/17 6:00am

Suffolk County farmland press conference
Jeff Rottkamp, owner of Fox Hollow Farm in Baiting Hollow, had been preparing to join Suffolk County’s farmland preservation program. But those plans changed in September, when a New York State Supreme Court judge deemed development on protected farmland illegal.