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03/30/17 6:00am

Donna Farley was 28 weeks pregnant with her third child in 2013, when she noticed that something was different this time — and not in a good way.

Ms. Farley was experiencing abdominal pain that worsened as the baby grew. So the Mattituck resident visited her doctor and a sonogram revealed good news: Her baby was fine.


03/27/17 6:00am

At just 17 years old, Michael Christman is the chief executive officer of Advanced Performance Athletics.

In a company that sells computerized soccer balls and basketballs, as well as training clothing, all of the employees and administrators are near Mr. Christman’s age. In fact, they’re his peers at Southold High School, where they are all enrolled in a virtual enterprise course. READ

03/20/17 6:00am

Zebediah Berliner can “sing” entire songs without uttering a word.

He’s so good at it that next month he’ll perform two songs at a Good Friday concert at Mattituck Presbyterian Church. But instead of singing along like everyone else, Zebediah will stand at the side of the stage and sign the songs. READ

03/19/17 5:59am

In 1917 the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded, the United States got involved in World War I and the University of Oregon defeated the University of Pennsylvania in the third annual Rose Bowl.

It was also the year five residents at the Greenport retirement community Peconic Landing — Charles Slama, Edwin Masback, Genevieve Leskody, Sally Haupt and Helen White — were born, making this the year they’ll all celebrate their 100th birthdays.

Although today they are all neighbors, their lives have gone in different directions in the past century. READ

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03/13/17 5:55am

The auditorium at Southold High School was filled with energy Friday afternoon, with students wielding muskets and belting out songs like “One Day More.”

A well-known tune from “Les Misérables,” the seventh- to 12th-graders were preparing for their upcoming rendition of the famous musical, considered to be one of the most difficult productions to perform — especially for young actors.