08/14/18 6:10am

Hi I’m Chris Czartosieski, the owner at BodySmart in Southold.

My degree is in physical education. And from there, when I left college, I taught in South Carolina for a few years. We moved back up to Southold and I tried a little bit in the schools teaching.  READ

Featured Story
08/02/18 6:00am

The Town Board  held a public hearing Tuesday on a proposed rental permit law that would require owners of rental properties to follow a permit application procedure, adhere to property maintenance guidelines and allow proper inspections of their property. The law would not be enforced until August 2019 to give property owners ample time to apply for the permits. READ

Featured Story
08/01/18 1:04pm

The Southold Town Board fortified its helicopter regulations Tuesday night to help limit overhead noise that has been a longtime nuisance to residents.

The code change would prohibit helicopters and seaplanes from landing in or taking off from all zoning districts in the town. The town had been working on the code change in response to the expanding air industry that is bringing more air traffic. In October 2017, for example, an on-demand helicopter app had advertised a trip to a Mattituck vineyard, which raised concerns among officials. That event was ultimately canceled. READ