06/18/17 5:58am
06/18/2017 5:58 AM

Even to this day, with kids, a wife and a home of my own, every single phone call with my father ends with the same parting words: “Be careful driving.”

I could call my dad today and tell him I’ve decided to move to a tree house in the forest, where I’ll live off the land and avoid using anything that runs on an engine and the old man would still utter that last line before hanging up.


06/08/17 5:55am
06/08/2017 5:55 AM

In January, when I first met the students in Southold High School’s SOHO TV class, I was very impressed.

Students in that class are responsible for producing a nine-minute news show that’s broadcast online every Friday. I enjoyed seeing how much dedication and heart they put into their specific assignments each week. They worked together as a team to produce something they were all proud of.