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Country Corner Cafe (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Northforker.com presents our latest “Experience North Fork” giveaway.

Local neighborhood luncheonette and ice cream parlor Country Corner Cafe is giving away a $100 gift certificate. Located on Main Road in Southold, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ice cream.

This giveaway is valued at $100.

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Northforker.com presents our latest “Experience North Fork” giveaway.

REVCO Lighting & Electrical Supply has been serving the Long Island trade and retail customer for 37 years. The company is built on customer service, integrity and a wide array of products. One of those products is Lutron and together, REVCO and Lutron are leaders in the smart home technology boom.

Win the perfect gift for Dad for this Father’s Day: a Lutron Caseta Wireless System starter kit. In this giveaway, the winner will receive a Lutron Caseta Wireless starter kit containing a Caseta dimmer, Smart Bridge and Pico remote, as well as an Echo Dot.

This giveaway is valued at $250.

Visit one of REVCO’s five locations in Southold, Southampton, East Hampton, Miller Place or Riverhead to learn more about making your home smarter or visit their website here.

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Northforker.com presents our latest “Experience North Fork” giveaway.

We’re giving away a VIP table for six people at the “Live at The Vineyards” event at The Vineyards, located on Main Road in Aquebogue. The package features one glass of wine per person and one charcuterie plate for the table. The winner has their choice of which date they would like to redeem the giveaway.

Live at The Vineyards occurs Wednesday nights from July 12 through the end of summer starting at 6 p.m. and features live and DJ music, snacks, wine and cocktails. Check their Facebook page here for dates and music lineup.

This giveaway is valued at $100.

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Do you have all your clothes perfectly organized in your closet by color and item type? Or are you more the type of person who takes off your jewelry and stores it on the nearest piece of furniture you can find? You might even fit both these profiles.

Take this quiz from California Closets to find out just how organized your closet is. Then allow them to help you sharpen your skills and take your organization to the next level.

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With the holiday season upon us, we’re taking the legwork out of shopping for décor. We’ve hand-selected the perfect blend of mid-century and rustic items to decorate your home and prepare you for stylish entertaining throughout the holidays. And, the best thing is, all of these items can be purchased within one block. Now how’s that for convenience? (more…)

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Sponsored By East End Tick and Mosquito Control.

The first and only New York State licensed and dedicated tick and mosquito control specialists, with 20 years of extensive knowledge, servicing Long Island’s East End.

Summer is here on the North Fork, and we’ve never been happier to spend the days outdoors. While it’s time to trade in the jeans and sneakers for shorts and sandals, there are a few things you need to know about keeping your family and pets safe from tiny, harmful predators — ticks. East End Tick and Mosquito Control has you covered with these three tips.

Protect Your Yard


Whether working in your summer garden or hosting an afternoon barbecue, there are plenty of occasions you will be spending time in your yard. Ticks thrive in warm, humid areas, making the East End a popular spot for these insects. They prefer wooded areas, leaves and shaded areas such as those near fences, sheds and other areas surrounding your yard. Keep these areas clean. Don’t let brush pile up throughout the year. Animals such as deer, birds and mice can carry ticks, so it’s important keep an environment that does not attract these animals by using fencing, limiting bird feeders and setting traps for rodents. Another way to keep your yard safe is low-toxicity tick spraying once per month.

Treating Pets


Sometimes there’s no telling where your family pet has gone off to. They can spend hours playing in the yard. We want to keep our pets safe just as with every member of the family. Get in the habit of treating your pets once per month with a tick-repelling spot treatment, and searching them for ticks before they come back into the house. Run your fingers slowly over your pet’s body, and feel for any lumps where a tick may have burrowed in. While cats in particular are great for keeping rodents out of the yard, the rodents do tend to bring in ticks with them. Check around the paws, face and ears for these insects. If you spot a tick, quickly pull it off with a pair of tweezers. Save the tick and try to identify it as well.

The Lone Star Tick


There are three kinds of ticks that are most commonly found on Long Island, all of which can transmit disease; the deer tick, dog tick, and the lone star tick. The lone star tick is a very aggressive tick that can be found just about anywhere these days. The females are a tannish-red with a light colored spot on the center of their back that resembles a star, hence the name. While they have been suspected of transmitting Lyme disease, these ticks are known for southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI). After a bite, a circular rash may form that is similar to the rash of early Lyme disease. A bite from this tick may cause an allergy called Alpha-gal, which can cause an allergic reaction to meat and dairy. If you do spot this or any other tick, quickly and carefully remove it with a pair of sharp tweezers and identify it. If you experience any flu-like symptoms, call your doctor immediately.

Tick bites can cause a number of illnesses in people and their pets. Keeping your yard clean and free of wildlife, treating pets, and scanning yourself and family members for ticks after spending time outdoors can help prevent these bites and transmission of diseases. Spraying your yard is one of the most effective ways to prevent ticks on your property. Low-toxicity sprays keep your family and pets safe and control the problem at the source.

East End Tick and Mosquito Control can keep these pests away, and ensure your backyard is safe to enjoy all summer long.

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East End Insurance 2

Sponsored By East End Insurance Agency.

Serving the East End with the best in financial services.

A summer day on the North Fork is best spent out on the water. Taking a cruise around the picturesque bays with family is a highlight for East End living. Miles of beaches, restaurants boasting local seafood and produce, and an easy, breezy vibe are just some of the reasons people love to vacation — or even staycation — on the North Fork.

When it comes to boating safety, East End Insurance Agency has you covered. The Southold company knows of some great spots and tips for boating family fun. Here are just a few places to try:

Greenport Village

Mitchell Park

This seaside village offers a number of restaurants, shops and parks with special events all summer long. Dock in Mitchell Park Marina for easy access to all of these family-friendly activities. Enjoy a casual seafood lunch at Claudio’s Clam Bar before cooling off with an ice cream cone from Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices on Front Street. Riding the antique carousel is a must, especially when visiting Greenport with children. Plan to spend some time in the park itself — soaking up some sun or playing in the lush grass bordering the marina.

Shelter Island

Sunset Beach

Drop anchor and spend some time off Sunset Beach on Shelter Island. A short swim takes you to the sandy shores where you can relax in the sun or play volleyball with the children. For non-picky eaters, Sunset Beach Restaurant offers an eclectic lunch menu with local seafood to complement an afternoon of sunbathing. For a more casual evening, take your boat to The Pridwin’s Wednesday Night Cookouts, starting in July for all-you-can-eat barbecue favorites, and, of course, local seafood. End a relaxing night with live music and watching the sunset with family.

New Suffolk


The calm waters in the Peconic Bay make for great boating. It’s the perfect spot for tubing, waterskiing, fishing and beaching. When you’re hungry, there are two restaurants in New Suffolk you can take your boat to for afternoon or early evening dining. Legends Restaurant has been around for more than 20 years and has an extensive menu everyone can enjoy. While the sports bar is equipped with several televisions, the dining side of the restaurant offers a quieter environment to enjoy your meal. Case’s Place, a newcomer just across the way, boasts waterfront views from every seat. New Suffolk Beach is also nearby if you want to spend more time with your toes in the sand.

These are just a few North Fork places to enjoy by boat.

Set your mind at ease while sailing around by knowing your boat is safe on and off the water with a comprehensive boat insurance policy. East End Insurance Agency works to customize each plan to meet your needs, so you and your family can spend more time enjoying the waves.

Now that you know where to go, get out there and enjoy summer the North Fork way!