04/20/14 10:00am
04/20/2014 10:00 AM
(Credit: Jennifer Gustavson photos)

Camryn Koke, 9, with her Persian cat, Kip. The 9-year-old Southold Elementary School student has Cystic fibrosis. She and her family has helped raised more than $100,000 to help find a cure. (Credit: Jennifer Gustavson photos)

In the basement of the Koke family’s home in Southold, 9-year-old Camryn is allowed to play with her dollhouse for one hour each morning before heading to school.

On a recent day, she held her favorite doll, Raquelle — a pretty fashionista who likes going to the spa and is featured on TV’s “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.”

“She’s active and sassy — like me,” Camryn said with a smile as she smoothed the doll’s hair.

In Camryn’s other hand was a nebulizer. The fourth-grader also wore a vest that provides periodic electronic chest compressions.

Her mother, Jennifer, compared the motion to shaking a can of paint. When the vest is turned on, Camryn sounds like she’s talking through a fan.

Camryn has been wearing this type of vest since she was just 15 months old, and now uses it twice a day for an hour per session. She said she doesn’t mind, though, because it helps her breathe better.

Camryn is living with Cystic fibrosis.