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05/20/17 6:00am
05/20/2017 6:00 AM

It’s a tight squeeze for drivers on a portion of Main Street in Greenport Village, especially when there’s a car traveling in the opposite direction.

Village officials are looking to change that with a major road project they expect to authorize this week.


03/16/17 5:55am
03/16/2017 5:55 AM

In our 2013 endorsement of Mary Bess Phillips and Julia Robins for Greenport Village trustee, we wrote about communication. At the time, Village Board meetings had become a recurring showdown between a small group of residents and the board.


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02/24/17 7:46am
02/24/2017 7:46 AM

Greenport Village welcoming community

As it turns out, Greenport Village is a welcoming community after all, although it might not have seemed that way during some of the discussion at the village board meeting Thursday night, where a resolution declaring the village to be a welcoming community was up for a vote.


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02/20/17 3:05pm
02/20/2017 3:05 PM

Doug Roberts

Village Trustee Doug Roberts’ criticism of Southold Town Police Department coverage of Greenport will prompt a meeting between board members and town officials.


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01/29/17 5:55am
01/29/2017 5:55 AM

Fifth Street in Greenport

Greenport Village officials are hoping to get as much feedback from the public as possible before signing a contract with PSEG-Long Island to allow the energy company to run an electric cable under Fifth Street and across the bay to Shelter Island.


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01/24/17 6:00am
01/24/2017 6:00 AM

The Greenport Village Board has scheduled a public hearing on a revision to its residential rental permit law. The change would scale back some of the requirements in the original 2013 legislation and require every residential rental property — including short-term rentals — to have a rental permit. READ

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11/28/16 11:27pm
11/28/2016 11:27 PM


The Greenport Village Board unanimously agreed Monday to have contract negotiations with energy company PSEG Long Island over its proposal to run an electric cable under Fifth Street and across the bay to Shelter Island. READ