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10/10/16 2:00pm
10/10/2016 2:00 PM

Greenport place kicker Tashan Lawrence #8 executes a perfect on side kick to start the first quarter against Wyandanch at Greenport High School in Greenport on September 7th, 2016

At a school barbecue on Friday, Greenport High School senior Tashan Lawrence remarked that he could go for something to eat. Hearing this, math teacher Greg Dlhopolsky told him: “The food is literally 100 yards away. All you have to do is run.”

To that the sharp-witted Lawrence replied, “The only thing I run 100 yards for, Mr. D, is touchdowns.”

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10/04/16 10:20am
10/04/2016 10:20 AM

Greenport:Southold:Mattituck football player Kyle Schultz 100316

First he hit the weight room. Now he’s hitting opponents.

Injuries had something to do with it. Then again, there was also the understanding that he had a senior season ahead of him and that was motivation enough for Kyle Schultz to commit to weight training and begin working out like a madman.

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08/16/16 7:00pm
08/16/2016 7:00 PM

GSM football player Chris Schwamborn 081616

Memory of the scene remains sharp. It was several years ago, during a brutally hot August day on a dusty practice field. The hulking figure of Chris Schwamborn, the biggest player on the Greenport/Southold/Mattituck high school football team, was struggling through wind sprints, not his strong suit. READ

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01/10/16 3:00pm


A tradition dating back almost three decades continued this year as The Suffolk Times announced its annual People of the Year awards to honor those who have made a difference in our community. READ