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Jess Dunne with Knox

Jess Dunne jumped in her car on an autumn morning in 2015 and raced nearly 100 miles to Brooklyn to save a dog’s life. The animal was scheduled to be euthanized that afternoon and Ms. Dunne — who co-owns North Fork Roasting Co. in Southold — felt compelled to act after reading a call for help online.


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02/13/2015 3:34 PM
Jennilee Morris and Jess Dunne inside North Fork Roasting Co. in Southold. (Credit: Dave Benthal Photography)

Jess Dunne and Jennilee Morris inside North Fork Roasting Co. in Southold. (Credit: David Benthal Photography)

Upon walking into North Fork Roasting Co.’s new Southold coffee house, it’s a toss-up what will grab your attention first: the complex aromas emanating from the artisanal brews or the undeniable fact that its owners have style.

A burlap covered sofa seat, an old wooden coffee table topped with a velvet purple cushion and a white refrigerator painted a festive green lend a vintage and inviting air to this new Main Road spot.

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