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06/30/16 3:01pm
06/30/2016 3:01 PM

Civil War banner

The Southold Historical Society is celebrating a piece of Civil War history that was recently restored.

A historic banner discovered in 2014 in the attic of a local store once operated by the Richmond family has now been installed at the Ann Currie-Bell House on the grounds of the society’s Main Road museum complex.


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06/11/16 9:00am

Southold Museum 2

On Friday evening, Southold High School unveiled a new display decades in the making.

After months of research, teacher Mike Carver’s Advanced Placement Government and Politics class, partnering with the Southold Historical Society, created “The History of Us,” a display highlighting the district’s past.   READ

07/17/15 4:45pm
07/17/2015 4:45 PM

T0521_burial2_mw_C.jpgOver 150 years ago, at a time of political unrest, members of the Mattituck Wide Awake club, a paramilitary group associated with the Republican Party at the time, marched through Southold during a torchlight parade holding a banner and showing their support for Abraham Lincoln, who won the election of 1860 the following day. (more…)