02/28/17 6:00am
02/28/2017 6:00 AM

Southold Historical Society

Those with deep connections to Southold can now have their memories preserved by the town.

The Southold Historical Society is asking those who have notable local historical connections — such as belonging to a founding family, serving in a war or participating in the early days of North Fork winemaking — to meet with director Karen Lund Rooney and share their stories.


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06/30/16 3:01pm
06/30/2016 3:01 PM

Civil War banner

The Southold Historical Society is celebrating a piece of Civil War history that was recently restored.

A historic banner discovered in 2014 in the attic of a local store once operated by the Richmond family has now been installed at the Ann Currie-Bell House on the grounds of the society’s Main Road museum complex.


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06/11/16 9:00am

Southold Museum 2

On Friday evening, Southold High School unveiled a new display decades in the making.

After months of research, teacher Mike Carver’s Advanced Placement Government and Politics class, partnering with the Southold Historical Society, created “The History of Us,” a display highlighting the district’s past.   READ