03/07/17 5:43am
03/07/2017 5:43 AM

A brown teddy bear that sits on Lorraine Reed’s bed is very much a part of her daily routine. Every night she talks to the bear and gives it a hug. The stuffed animal is important to her not so much for what it is as for who it reminds her of — her late husband, Phil Reed.

“That was my Phil, my big teddy bear,” she said as she showed off the bear in her East Islip home one cold December morning. READ

12/11/15 4:15pm
12/11/2015 4:15 PM

Lee Zeldin defeats Tim Bishop for Congress

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) has confirmed that President Barack Obama signed proposed legislation Thursday that includes his own proposal, dubbed the Zeldin Amendment, which will allow school districts to opt out of Common Core without sacrificing federal funding.


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11/12/15 2:47pm

David Gamberg

The Greenport and Southold school boards struck a unique deal in September 2013 to share a superintendent, something unseen in the 120 other kindergarten through 12th-grade districts on Long Island. READ

04/24/15 6:00am
04/24/2015 6:00 AM

To the editor:

Superintendent Gamberg’s outspoken efforts against the current New York State tests have helped highlight what is wrong with the current state of education. I am certainly no fan of standardized tests and applaud efforts to fight for better solutions. I do take issue with the idea that the proposed action is simply to “opt out.” (more…)

04/01/15 2:17pm
04/01/2015 2:17 PM
Governor Cuomo giving his State of the State address the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany Jan. 21. (Credit: Courtesy Flickr photo)

Governor Cuomo giving his State of the State address the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany Jan. 21. (Credit: Courtesy Flickr photo)

New York State’s adopted budget for 2015-16 includes increases in school aid for all of the districts in Riverhead and Southold towns.

The budget increases school aid by 6.2 percent statewide.  (more…)

05/08/14 6:00am
05/08/2014 6:00 AM
Southold School District Superintendent David Gamberg .

Southold School District Superintendent David Gamberg. (Credit: Jennifer Gustavson, file)

To the editor:

Southold School District Superintendent David Gamberg has been an outspoken critic of the Common Core Learning Standards implementation and its testing requirements. So his expressed desire to apply “common sense” to education is not surprising.

But hey, it’s common sense to put things back where you found them. But why, then, are shopping carts all over the parking lot at the end of a market day?  (more…)

03/27/14 1:00pm
03/27/2014 1:00 PM
Mattituck-Cutchogue School District residents gathered Wednesday at the elementary school for a Common Core presentation. (Credit: Jennifer Gustavson)

The Mattituck-Cutchogue School District held a Common Core meeting Wednesday at the elementary school. (Credit: Jennifer Gustavson)

Although the opt-out movement appears to be gaining some traction elsewhere on Long Island and in the state, only a handful of parents from school districts within Southold Town are refusing to let their children take upcoming state assessments, local school officials have confirmed.  (more…)