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The rains and winds came and went and left us with a Passover and Easter week of beauty. As of Monday morning, my family was still sleeping after five days of laughs, piles of laundry, time spent in church, endless cups of coffee and a delicious lamb dinner. I’m sure that’s familiar to many of us on the North Fork; family is good.

Our last meeting was particularly interesting. The guest was Stanley Rubenstein, a great storyteller and interviewer of authors on TV. Stanley spoke about journalism during World War II and the role Edward R. Murrow played as the first of the great radio broadcasters. Mr. Murrow spent most of the war in London and we heard his broadcasts in the U.S., when he described the city and its people as they were bombed night after night. You could almost visualize the people as they scurried to bomb shelters during raids by German planes.

Eleanor Lingo is running a trip to Savannah, Ga., Jekyll Island and Beaufort, S.C., plus a casino boat ride, May 16-21 — six days and five nights for under $500. The trip is on, but there’s room for a few more people. Call Eleanor at 765-3982.

Our club is still growing, although it has passed adolescence, but certainly very much alive. Today, April 8, is our meeting day.

Never stop praying for our servicemen and -women; keep your flag flying high.