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In spite of members arriving slowly to our meeting on Thursday, April 8, there was a good crowd to greet our guest speaker, Supervisor Scott Russell.

Scott did not disappoint. He asked for questions and he got plenty. He answered as he always does, with clarity and conviction. We found out that our town is in good financial shape, based on the hard work of the supervisor and his council and the effort unions and employees have put into helping the town weather the financial crisis. Sounds like a lot of us!

Eleanor Lingo’s May 18 trip to Savannah and many other towns has gotten the green light, thanks to Eleanor’s hard work and her desire to provide interesting trips that do not demand as payment our firstborn children.

A chinese auction is tentatively planned for next month to help Paula pay for the grill that we’ll use for our July picnic. So remember, no jelly jars or ashtrays from the Mohegan Sun. Just find something new or almost new and bring it in.

Our monthly luncheons continue with a different member taking over each month. If you volunteer, you will become very popular (and if you are a woman, your hair will become naturally curly and you will grow a full head of hair if you’re a man).

We need a few good men or women to take over a few jobs. The work entails a half-hour meeting once a month and the desire to keep our club strong.

Keep praying for our servicemen and -women. Raise your flag high.