On Saturday, in Poquatuck Hall, in picture-perfect weather, surrounded by the love of her family and a village that claimed her as one of “theirs,” Orient kid Kate Lauber said “I do” to her new husband, Andy Criss, and then all headed to the Yacht Club to celebrate into the night. Kate, who recently received her master’s in library science, and her new groom will settle into married life in Indiana. We all wish them only the best.

East Marioneer Linda Goldsmith called to share the news of a Southold Mothers’ Club fundraising yard sale this Saturday, May 22, on Alvah’s Lane in Cutchogue. For more info call Linda on her cell at 259-1634 or e-mail Gabby at [email protected] Part of the proceeds will go to Relay for Life.

Saturday evening at 8 p.m. Poquatuck Hall will rock with an outstanding trip down memory lane, thanks to the music and antics of The South Shore Syncopators, Long Island’s premiere 1930s dance orchestra. It promises to be an evening to never forget. Tickets are $30 and advance purchase is suggested. Call 323-2720 to reserve or stop in at the Country Store.

When you live to be 101 it’s nearly impossible to encapsulate your life in a paragraph about what you did or what you meant to your community. Especially when you are someone like Betsy Latham. I often thought of her as Bobby Wysocki’s great-grandmother and a faithful matriarch of the Congregational Church. To put a few things in perspective on what an incredible lady she was, she was Sarah’s “shared reading partner” in 5th grade — and back then she was just a spring chicken of 85. She is another one of those Village silhouettes whose shadow will live on in everyone’s mind’s eye. Her funeral service will be at Orient Congregational Church this Saturday at 1:30 followed by burial at Orient Central Cemetery, then a reception in Fellowship Hall. Oysterponds extends its sympathy to her huge extended family. We all wish her Godspeed in her new journey.

OK, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a “visualize this” but it’s always fun. Sarah met me at the airport with a new backpack for Mother’s Day. Due to the Florida heat I decided to put it right to use and loaded three computers into it so they wouldn’t fry in the car when we stopped. To help with the load and make it secure, Sarah tightened the straps to the max while it was on my back. We went our separate ways and when I went to get in the car by myself, to drive, I had about 18 inches of bulk added to my back. And because the straps were so tight I was “stuck” in the backpack and couldn’t fit behind the wheel in any way, shape or form. Then I started to laugh, which of course made things worse. I finally laid on the ground of the parking lot laughing my head off and figured out how to wiggle myself loose. Good thing I don’t know that many people in Orlando.

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