As I sat down to write this week, I started to do a mental survey of Village Lane and its tenured residents. I conjured up Mooreen Terry, and the Caffreys, Mellingers and Webbs, who live in family homesteads. But no one rings a note of the Queen of Village Lane like Sophie Staron.

Sophie changes her decade today and becomes Orient’s latest nonagenarian. This Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., her family will host a gathering at Poquatuck Hall for this very special lady and they hope you can drop in and help Sophie celebrate. In case you’re doing the math, Sophie has been living in her beautiful manicured home next to Poquatuck Hall for close to 70 years and still can be seen sweeping the sidewalk or trimming her flowers daily. She sure is amazing. Happy birthday, friend.

Speaking of parties, if you don’t have your tickets for Saturday’s North Fork Fresh (as Sarah would say), too bad for you. The event gives new definition to sold out, very sold out. Sorry.

Don’t forget the OHS fine arts auction on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Brecknock Hall. It promises to be a memorable event.

On your way, stop in at the 10 a.m. meeting at the East Marion firehouse, where Southold Town representatives Heather Lanza and Philip Beltz will explain the developing Southold Town Comprehensive Plan and take your questions. Also, please save July 17 for a follow-up to this forum.

Joan Dinizio won the coin toss on who got to write about the nuptials of Denise Angevine and Dean Karavas. But I will say that she was a gorgeous bride and I hope God showers his blessings on their marriage.

East Marioneer Nancy Messer was driving down Orchard Street a couple of months back when she spotted a huge cat-like animal. She ran home to share her findings with friends and was scoffed at. So she forgot about it until she read of the Laubers’ sighting. She pinpointed the location as close to the exact same place. (She does not know where the Laubers live.) So that’s two, friends. Any more witnesses? How about a pic?

The Oysterponds graduations are next Thursday, June 24: 10 a.m. for kindergarten and 7 p.m. for 6th grade. It’s always an outstanding day in the life of our Oysterponds community.

Last Saturday was a special day for the Wright family of Orient. Fourteen-year-old Ed Wright received the sacrament of confirmation at St. Agnes and chose his grandfather, Ed Sr., as his sponsor. Ed Wright Jr. is often the lector at the 11 a.m. Mass and the next time he is, his son plans on being his co-reader.

That’s a great segue to Happy Father’s Day, everyone.