What a treat, the summer heat. I’ve been waiting for a while. It sure is fun in the sun; it really makes me smile. I don’t think I’ll make it as a poet so I guess I shouldn’t quit my day job, huh?

Summertime is the time for reunions with a few of them happening recently around here.

My sister-in-law Teresa O’Connell had a reunion of sorts when she and Eileen Lellman Getches drove together from Indiana all the way to Greenport. I haven’t seen Eileen in years; it sure was good to have her home again!

Another sister-in-law, Cindy Tooker, attended an impromptu reunion for the GHS Class of 1975. Many of her local classmates got together last weekend to reminisce.

The last of my sisters-in-law, Joylene Dinizio Navarro, had a mini reunion when she got together with longtime friends Laura Yantsos and Eileen McMann over the weekend.

Joyce Lakowitz Leary was tickled to tell me that she also had a reunion. Childhood friend Judith Garrett Bynon of Lansford, Pa., came to Greenport (with two of her daughters, Rachael and Miriam) for a week to enjoy the sights and sounds of the East End. Judy hadn’t been back in 23 years and was astounded by how beautiful it was. Judy’s sister Natalie Garrett Garnett also came for a brief respite.

Speaking of reunions, the Class of 1970 will hold its 40th on July 23, 24 and 25. Any classmates interested in attending should contact Marilyn White Corwin at 631-834-0106 or Theresa DiLalla Goldsmith at 631-765-3429.

We also had a couple of weddings out here last weekend. Congratulations to Tina Goldsmith and Kevin Quarty, who exchanged vows on July 9. Congratulations are also in order for Tracy Taylor and Darren Booker, who became husband and wife on July 10. I wish both couples a lifetime of happiness together.

Another sign of summer here in Greenport is the increased sound of sirens. It makes me truly thankful for the dedication and unselfishness of the men and women of the Greenport Fire Department and Rescue Squad. Thank you to all of you who give so freely of your time and talents. I don’t know what we’d do without you.

Special birthday wishes this week to Rodney Wells, who will celebrate his 102nd birthday July 18. Special wishes also go to our son, Jeff Dinizio, who turns 27 on the 17th.

Also celebrating this week are Baxter Townsend and my cousin Kerry Heaney on the 15th; Dean Karavas, Warren Corazizni and Joey Stevens on the 16th; Sara Flythe and Georgia Young on the 17th; Richie Hubbard and Billy Doucett on the 18th; Jim’s uncle, Bill Dinizio, on the 19th; Charles Cisterino on the 20th; and Bill Kart Jr., Jeff Corazzini, Tina Leonard, Emily O’Brien and China Leonard on the 21st.

Anniversary wishes are sent to Lill and Bob White, who will celebrate 62 years of wedded bliss on July 15, and Beverly and Jim Sage who will celebrate anniversary number 34 on the 18th.

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