Litter, litter everywhere

A recent weekday stroll through downtown Greenport revealed many positive sights and one not so positive.
The positives: Mitchell Park, its carousel and marina. The docks, from the railroad dock to the west all the way to Claudio’s and Preston’s to the east. The boardwalk. The brewery. The restaurant scene. The old and new hotels. The movie theater. The vibrant retail mix.
No wonder visitors flock to Greenport at this time of year.
But then there was that pesky not-so-positive element: litter. Litter everywhere along the waterfront and Front and Main streets. That, of course, is a byproduct of the aforementioned “flock,” who ought not to be dropping their napkins and coffee cups and soda bottles on the sidewalk, clearly detracting from the Greenport experience, and the problem should be addressed.
And the solution seems quite simple. Why not hire a college kid or two to patrol the village with the simple implements required to pick up litter