Making time for historical society
Working clocks designed by local artists and architects will be offered in a special auction to benefit Oysterponds Historical Society during the group

Kathy and Taz Smith are very excited to announce the arrival of two new grandsons, Jack Wellington Smith and Cooper Diaz Smith, who were born one minute apart at Stamford (Conn.) Hospital on July 20. Jack, the older brother, weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces; Cooper was 6 pounds, 9 ounces. (That’s a lot of baby!) Each was 18.5 inches long. The proud parents are Jackie and Keith Smith. Kathy and Taz and “Uncle Craig” were tickled that they got to visit with the boys 90 minutes after their birth. Obviously what they say about twins running in families is right on since Jack’s older brother Taz is also the proud father of 3-year-old twin boys.

Speaking of big families, two weeks ago Sheila and Reg Minor hosted their annual family reunion, during which about 65 people ages 1 to 75 gathered at their beautiful home on the “hill.” Most came from New England, New Jersey and Long Island, but some traveled from Nebraska. As a first-generation Irish family, the Madden clan grew up more like siblings than cousins. On top of that they had a “piper” winding his way through gathering the whole time, adding to the blessings of the wonderful weather and the beauty of the Oysterponds vistas.

Another family we’ve all watched grow and grow up is the Skipper’s Lane Van Cleef gang. Daughter Elizabeth Lauber, along with hubby, Mike, and three of four daughters are here from Ohio and son Bob, his bride, Trisha, and daughter, Helen, are in from R.I. They’re hoping that son/brother Jim and sis-in-law Jackie, along with son Lucas, will be here by today. Son Tom is keeping his Ohio home fires burning and his gorgeous rescue dogs company as he works so hard at developing his solar energy endeavor. Mom/Dad, grandma/grandpa Don and Mina are always thrilled to have their home filled with so much activity and love.

After reading my repeated ‘small worlds,’ Oysterponds School superintendent Stu Rachlin shared his surprise that the gatehouse guard at his condo in Boca Raton was sporting a nametag with the name Manwaring on it. It took seconds to verify that, indeed, he was related to “Dude” of, as he puts it, “Greenport High School fame.” (Stu is a former principal of GHS.) Always fun to hear of these stories.

Speaking of stories, Ritchie Latham added two cents more on our osprey/fish story. When challenged on how the fish that the osprey was dragging as he hopped down Orchard Street got in the puddle, Ritchie said obviously the bird dropped it there. Do I hear a “duh”? That was “bird lady” Laura Westlake’s take on it also. It seems everyone agrees that osprey will not seek its prey anywhere but out of the water.

It was sad to hear this week of the passing of the Rev. Jim Barr. He served and was devoted to Orient United Methodist Church for many years. When I chewed on my memories of him all I could think of was I never ever saw the man without a smile. What a great legacy that is. He was truly a special man and one of God’s outstanding “employees.” We all extend our sympathy to his family on their loss.

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