Daniela DiStefano, Orient’s favorite postmistress, had some exciting news to share this week about the plans for her upcoming nuptials on Oct. 16. The road to marriage all started on Dec. 19, when fiancà Nicholas Michkovits, who hails from Michigan/Queens/Coram, planned a very special day in NYC and invited friends and family to be part of the “popping of the question.” Well, Mother Nature had other plans (remember the blizzard of 2009?) but all worked out well when Nicholas went to plan B, Daniela said yes and the chilly snowbound group celebrated at Momma Lombardi’s. The October wedding will take place at St. Louis de Monfort in Sound Beach followed by a reception at the Venetian Yacht Club in Babylon. Congratulations and sincere wishes that the wedding goes smoother than the engagement.

Bird watcher/lover/expert Carol Taylor got in touch with a question this week. A while back she turned onto Oysterponds Lane after a storm and came upon an osprey with one talon dug into a large fish in a puddle. With the other leg he was hopping along next to it seemingly hoping to take flight. So her question is this: If ospreys don’t fetch dropped birds, how did the fish get in the puddle? Ritchie?

Please join your neighbors at 10 a.m. this Saturday morning, July 17, at the East Marion firehouse as the EMCA attempts to craft East Marion’s input into the Southold 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

Also this Saturday is the first of two OHS Kids workshops. It’s open to children 7 to 12 and is titled Outrageous Outfitters. The children will study why clothes were made, the way they were and will design a model outfit for the next Kids adventure. Please call 323-2480 to register and for more details.

Oysterponds Lane lost a very special resident this week. It appears that many seem to have the same memories of 92-year-old neighbor Joe Getches. He paced himself; he took his time and wouldn’t get caught up in the rat races of the modern world. He moved to East Marion when he was 2 and then moved to Orient 48 years later. His granddaughter Lindsey, who is on a peace mission in Bogotð, described her grandfather as a man who didn’t work very hard but was one of the hardest working people she had ever met. He was slow and meticulous and did things in an old-fashioned way. In contrast to that description, he took up the computer at age 80 and started day trading stocks at 85. WOW! We all extend our sympathy to his bride, Hope; son, Mark; Mark’s wife, Christie; and all his friends and family.