Wall flowers
Ken Ackley of Riverhead and Lenora Faber of Jamesport put the finishing touches on a mural they painted for the rain forest-themed vacation Bible school that ended recently at Mattituck Presbyterian Church. The program was termed a ‘roaring success’ on the church’s website.

August brings with it the beautiful scenery of sailboats gliding across our waters. It’s a time when our young people get a chance to show their sailing skills. We were represented at this year’s U.S. Coast Guard Midget Challenge by Paul Annunziata and Kyle Freudenberg of Mattituck Yacht Club and Dan Pawlik and Tyler Rochon of Old Cove Yacht Club, who took second place. This is an annual event to which each yacht club sends two of their most improved under-15 sailors. Many clubs from around Long Island were represented at this competition, and these young people were fortunate to come in second for the Peconic Gardiners Junior Sailing Association. Congratulations!

K.C. Cutler will be leaving extra-early for his First Class (senior) year at Virginia Military Institute because he’s been selected as a member of CADRE, which comprises VMI’s best cadets, who are charged with training the incoming freshmen, known as RATS. K.C. was also chosen as his company’s first lieutenant this year. He has previously served as corporal and as sergeant but the school requires that cadet officers apply each year for leadership positions. All candidates are screened rigorously. K.C. was awarded his third scholarship this year, the Robert B. Rust Jr. “34” scholarship, based on academic and physical fitness scores and military bearing. After graduation, K.C. plans to commission as an officer in the Marines. A 2007 MHS graduate, he turned 21 on Aug. 17.

Speaking of MHS alums, for any former Tuckers who’d like to take part, this year’s Mattituck boys’ and girls’ alumni soccer game will be held at the Aldrich Lane field at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 20. Donations to Mattituck’s boys and girls high school programs are welcome. The suggested donation is $5 to support the high school’s soccer program. Come play, cheer and support our student athletes.

Random acts of kindness are always appreciated but Sylvia Pafenyk wanted to make sure this one is acknowledged. Sylvia extends heartfelt thanks to Christopher Donovan, who found her credit card in the road while bike riding and immediately called his find into the company.

This week, birthdays are being celebrated by Justin Artez, Sarah Borkowski, Cheryl Lynch, Natalie Haas, Kevin Diffley, Kevin Cande, Billy Birkmier and Jim MacLeod.

Alexandra and Dimitri Papadopoulos will celebrate 30 years together on Aug. 22. Congratulations!

Attention seventh-graders and parents: Orientation is Thursday, Sept. 2, at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Mark your calendars!

Best wishes to all our local students who are headed off to college for the very first time. Be safe. Make new friends. Discover new things. Remember your roots. Enjoy!

And to all those returning to local schools, have a great year!