I’m not sure whether this is a visualize-this, a small-world or just a wonderful small town story. Joe Soito was out doing what he does best, harvesting clams from the bay, when his wallet dropped from his shirt pocket and landed in the water. He was non-plused, returned home to his wife, Paddy, and assured her that he’d just go to the same spot at low tide the next day, retrieve his wallet and all would be fine. WRONG; there was no wallet and thus began the laborious process of replacing everything — driver’s license, credit cards. etc. Soon after that major task was completed, there was knock at the door, (or a phone call, I forget which) and lo and behold, a houseguest of Lyle Tuthill had snagged Joe’s wallet intact from the water. By the description, it had traveled at least a mile from where it was dropped.

As mentioned last week, we have another 8-9-10 baby. Oysterponds welcomes Reilly Marie Constant, firstborn daughter of Chris and Alyssa Constant. Big brother Logan is tickled with her arrival, as are grandparents Doug and Karen Constant of Village Lane. Congrats all around.

This Saturday at 10 a.m. there will be a very important meeting at Poquatuck Hall entitled “Orient Water, how much is there and how good is it?” The event, co-sponsored by Orient Water and the Orient Association, will feature an array of qualified and informed speakers.

From there OHS members are invited to a lawn party from 2 to 5 p.m. on the lawn in front of the old schoolhouse. Please bring a friend who may not be a member so they can become familiar with the organization that preserves Oysterponds History. For details call 323-2480.

Two amazing musical events also take place this weekend. Orient summer resident Steven Blier (and friends) will perform an unforgettable concert at Poquatuck Hall at 8 p.m. Saturday. Reserved tickets (limited number available) are $50; other tickets are $30. Call 323-1378 for info and reservations.

The beat will go on Sunday at 5 p.m at the Congregational church when Big Band East comes all the way “east” to perform sounds of the SSSq40s. Admission is $15 and if you haven’t experienced them before it is quite a treat. Call 323-2665 for more information.

Speaking of the Congregational church, Orient’s man of many talents (singing, acting, directing etc.), Michael Manuelian, performed a solo on Sunday with the surprise backup of “Lark.” It was a memorable musical piece.

Get well to Pete Cavallo, who had a serious and unexpected stay at University Hospital last week. We wish him a quick and full recovery.

Another Oysterponder who is finally “on the mend” is our favorite bagpiper, Ed Smith, who’s been having a very lengthy and tough recovery from Lyme/Babesiosis and is finally out of the hospital. You can write him at 123 Harbor Drive, Unit 412, Stamford, CT 06902.

Amy Hayes was always devoted to her grandmother, 96-year-old East Marioneer Ellen Pihl, who was easy to be devoted to. So when Amy folded her Oysterponds tents and moved to Atlanta, she also packed up her grandma and took her along. Oysterponds extends sympathy to the whole Pihl/Hayes family on her passing. There will be a memorial service at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at East Marion Community Church.

When you see Diana Duell on Sunday, wish her a happy new decade but don’t tell her I told you; she’ll put a bounty on my head for that!