By the time this hits newsstands, Oysterponds School will be back in full swing. In case you missed it, the announcement board in front of the school a few weeks back read “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bogden.” That was in honor of school custodial manager Mike Bogden, who wed music teacher Lin Woodhull on Aug. 6. We all thought Mike was a confirmed bachelor until Lin stole his heart. Congratulations and wishes for much happiness.

Dr. Rachlin sends out a big welcome back to all his students and teachers this week and also a big thanks to Gretchen and Steve Mezynieski, who donated time, materials and labor to build a walkway to ensure the safety of children (and adults) between the main entrance and the side of the school as well as securing the new plantings from Whitmore’s Tree Farm. We add to that a big community thank-you also.

East Marioneer Halina Siemaszko of Bay Avenue got in touch to share some Lake Marion excitement this week. She said that every evening around 7:30 a large flock of egrets (30 or so) has been roosting in the trees there and the birds have been gathering many admirers who are enjoying their presence. (Quick, someone tell Paul Stoutenburgh!) She also said up until now the only wildlife there has been one very big, very mean snapping turtle.

This Saturday is the annual OHS meeting and election of officers at 9 a.m. at the Old Point School House. All members are welcome.

Then, at 4 p.m. Oysterponds Community Activities’ annual meeting will kick off with a wine and cheese reception in Poquatuck Hall. Please plan to attend to see the progress of the restoration and the plans for the future.

Poquatuck Hall will be back in use Monday, Sept. 13, at 7:30 p.m. for the annual meeting of the Rod and Gun Club.

I had a startling small world Thursday morning on my journey to Kennebunkport for a hurricane party. It hadn’t started as a hurricane party but when life gives you rain and wind, make drinks. I stopped in Panera Bread in Portsmouth, N.H., in search of Wi-Fi, and the person in front of me was our own Erin Latham Stanton. She stared at me blankly (not sure if it was because I looked like an unmade bed or because she didn’t expect to run into anyone from “home” in her new hometown). She had her two beautiful daughters in tow and we sat at adjacent tables and caught up. As we did, the man at the next table joined in. He’d recently relocated there and we learned that he came from a block away from my sister in Manhattan, spends winters two towns away from me in Florida and actually has a P.O. box a half-mile from me there. It was spooky. Another nearby woman heard Jensen Beach and shared that her good friend teaches there — in a school where Sarah once taught. Small world is always fun but sometimes scary and I scooted before it turned out we were all “kin.”

Life as we once knew it ended for most of us nine years ago Saturday. Stop to remember, fly your flags and ask God’s blessings on our country.