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Orient wharf gets a makeover The Orient Wharf Company spruced up the entrance to its pier off Village Lane over the weekend in a project that met with neighbors’ approval. The entrance to the wharf, home of the Orient Yacht Club, was a mess of crumbling asphalt. Now a 17-foot-wide section of the entry sports a new timber deck. The plan’s early versions called for shortening a road drainage pipe extending into the bay. After neighbors expressed fear that the flow from a shorter pipe might cause shoreline erosion, the pipe was left as is. Members of the crew who worked on the project are shown above.

Next Saturday, Sept. 11, will be a busy day. Oysterponds Historical Society will have its annual meeting at 9 a.m. and Oysterponds Community Activities will hold its annual meeting at 4 p.m., both at Poquatuck Hall. The very entertaining annual St. Agnes talent show will be at 7 p.m. (this time I will be accurate in saying LARK will perform) and OYC members will have an opportunity to celebrate the last gasp of summer at the club. Whew! I will remind you of all this next week.

Speaking of Poquatuck Hall (here I go again) if you were there for any of the recent events, you saw what an outstanding job the committees have been doing on restoration and beautification. That brings me to my pitch for the obvious fact that the floor needs to be replaced and that’s going to take money. Please head to the annual meeting next week and sign on to help.

And speaking of St. Agnes, Deacon Frank Garibaldi visited there to solicit aid for the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s Mission Church in the Dominican Republic. As Father Tom and Deacon Frank talked about their roots, the “where are you froms” started. Hicksville came from both, followed by St. Ignatius Parish, followed by Cliff Street from one and Cedar Street from the other — ending with the revelation that Deacon Frank lived in the house behind Richard Jones, Father Tom’s best friend. In addition, one of Deacon Frank’s four daughters once performed in a play with Father Tom. Small fun world.

Another note on OCA, which is also the caretaker of all the monuments. Thanks to Julie Macomber of North Carolina, who sent two flags that had flown over the U.S. Capitol in memory of her folks, Helen and John Macomber. OCA always appreciates donations of flags, since Mother Nature likes to tear them to shreds.

A slightly belated welcome to Zarah Violet Pease, who was born at Peconic Bay Medical Center on June 27, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Dad and Mom are Justin and Anna (Woznick) Pease and big brother Charlie, 2, is adapting to a new little sister. Proud grandparents are Cindy and Bob Pease of East Hampton and Anna and Fred Sterzenbach. Zarah is also granddaughter of the late, much beloved Oysterponds School Superintendent Charlie Woznick. Congratulations all.

Dude Manwaring’s former wife called my cell from Florida two weeks ago but I was out of range. She was curious about which Manwaring Stu Rachlin had come across in Boca and wondering if there might be a relative in her neighborhood she’s unaware of. I promised to return her call but haven’t since her number disappeared from my caller ID. Please get in touch again. Mea culpa.

Can you believe summer of 2010 is about to end this weekend? Let’s hope Hurricane Earl stays off our shores so we can all squeeze the last dregs of fun out of the season. Since Monday is Labor Day, my deadline is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Please call me or e-mail me now with your news.