Oysterponds: It’s a small world

Harry Newman, son of Jerie Newman and grandson of Gert Reeves, got in touch to do a tag-on to my Emily Halligan/Christa and Carl Wanamaker small world (where Emily’s son Dan unknowingly bought a house across the street from a childhood friend of his mom). It seems Harry and his bride, Claire, owned that house for six years before Dan bought it and knew Carl and Christa well. There’s one more interesting part. Much of the charm of their present house, where they’ve been for five years, was the “backstreet road” named Orient Avenue. I guess it is all fate and a lot of fun.

Lots of events coming up the weekend of Oct. 8: The annual OHS local artist show and sale, OCA piano party at Poquatuck Hall and the East Marion School reunion. I’ll post all details next week.

Speaking of Poquatuck Hall, Betty Rowe stepped into her 80s with great fanfare. She wants everyone to know how grateful she is for all the friends who helped in that and promises that someday she will get out the thank-yous for all her much-appreciated gifts.

The Oysterponds Craft Guild is pleased to announce that Leroy Hines of Riverhead was this year’s winner of the deluxe gift basket. They also want to thank all the Greenport merchants who were exceptionally generous in contributing to this year’s prize. Congratulations to Leroy.

Oysterponds extends sympathy to former Oysterponds music teacher Justine Swotkewicz on the unexpected death of her dad. May he rest in peace.

The next Congregational Church Fellowship supper is Wednesday, Oct. 6. All are invited.

To celebrate the feast of St. Francis, Orient Methodist Church will hold a blessing of the animals this Sunday, Oct. 3, at 1 p.m. at Hallelujah Park on Village Lane.

Also on Sunday at 1 p.m., “Monsignor” the dog invites you to St. Agnes Church in Greenport, where his “father the Father” will also bless the pets. Please don’t tell Monsignor he’s a dog; ever since his appearance in the talent show two weeks back, he thinks he is a star.

The Greenport High School Class of 1965 is searching for the following people for a reunion the weekend of Oct. 8: Judy Bertolini, Katherine Glocker Davis, Harriet Katz, Kenneth Martin, Wendy Tabor, Bill Ryder and John Wells. Strike up the jungle grapevine and call Susan Green Cherepowich, 477-0986, if you’re successful.

Here’s another delightful ‘visualize this’ event. One of our North Fork neighbors, who has asked to be anonymous, shared a story that made me laugh out loud. She was recently collecting wash that she’d hung on the line, folding it as she went and placing it in the basket. Later that day she went on many errands that took her out and about on Love Lane in Mattituck. She was amazed that everyone was so friendly; they all smiled boldly at her. She began to be convinced she was exuding an exceptional aura — until she discovered the source of the chortles. She was parading the North fork with a pair of her (thankfully clean) underwear draped over her shoulder!

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