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On Monday I woke up at 4 a.m., remembering I had not written this column, welcoming everyone to our Sept. 9 meeting. I resolved to get up at 7, but the bed, Bob and the blanket were too warm so a phone call for donations woke us up at 8:15, so now I am writing furiously.

Going back to July, our picnic was great. The food was excellent, but all in all caring for the big grill and the food is starting to get us all a wee bit tired, and the last of the members didn’t leave until after 5. Thank you, Eleanor, for the gifts.

Come to next Thursday’s meeting and be greeted by Walter and Doris Suskevich, then Big Tom Reilly, not assisted this year by Elaine Minnigan, who is in San Simeon. Go visit her. She will cheer you up.

Our Thursday bocce group met often this summer. Neil Micelli, our bocce guru and club president, and the Kozels were always there. The Reillys came down, as did Roy Allen and Nan and Daysman Morris and Eleanor Lingo. Jack and Joan Hearn arrived and, happy to say, his surgery was successful and Joan is smiling again. I’m sure Jack will be bowling next week. Bob and I came down and Bob managed to play despite a bad left side. We are doing well except when Bob misplaces his cane and I run out of Ben-Gay.

This year the wonderful Paula Johnson and Joan Hicks have retired from their jobs, with Roy Allen taking the treasurer job, but nobody yet for Paula’s (recreation). We need coffee volunteers. I have so much to report, but no more room.

See you all on Sept. 9 at 10:45 a.m. Start our new season right and we promise good times.

Please pray for our troops in Afghanistan.