Oysterponds responds to Greenport complaint about rollback

Don’t expect a quick resolution, but Oysterponds has responded to Greenport’s complaint about a rollback in the contract for Greenport to educate Oysterponds secondary school students.
The two school systems had settled on a three-year contract set to expire in June 2012. But this past June a lame duck Oysterponds school board agreed to the two-year extension, which Greenport supported.
But in August, the new Oysterponds board reversed that decision in voting to lop off the additional two years. Greenport objected and in September filed a protest with
the State Education Department.  Oysterponds filed its response prior to the Oct. 5 deadline.
The Oysterponds board has not made its response public. Board president Deborah Dumont, who led the revolt against the extended contract, said, “Obviously, we stand by our position.”
There will be more filings by both Greenport and Oysterponds before the state board renders its decision, Ms. Dumont said.
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