Town hires three new police officers

11/23/2010 7:43 PM |

Southold Town hired three new entry-level police officers Tuesday morning at a starting salary of $39,905.

The replacements, for which the town has budgeted despite limiting hiring in other areas, are needed to sustain a force that has lost six officers in the past year and a half, said Police Chief Carlisle Cochran on Tuesday.

“This is maintenance hiring,” said Chief Cochran. “It gets us to a level where we can function and keep the overtime bill low. If you have the right number of people, you can keep that down,” he said.

Two of the new officers, Andrew Garcia and Christopher Salmon, will start training at the Suffolk County Police Academy in Brentwood next Monday and will join the force full time in about six months.

The third officer, Daniel Lillis, was an employee of the New York City Police Department who was raised on the North Fork and joined the Southold department because he wanted to be closer to home, said Chief Cochran.

Officer Lillis will begin work here next Monday.

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  • You can take the country out of Southold Town, but
    you can’t take Southold Town out of the country.

    On the Southold Town Board Agenda for the Worksession meeting at 9:00 AM Tuesday November 30, 2010 Discussion Item #3 is “Animals in Residential Districts”. What subject is going to be discussed?

    I assume we are not going to be talking about a plague of pets. I am unaware of any health hazards created in Southold Town by pet animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, snakes, lizards, turtles, or any other species of animal customarily kept as household pets.

    I don’t think there have been any wild animals attacking people in their backyards in Southold. Have any people been injured? Have our police personnel been trained to deal with wild animals intruding into human habitats?

    Maybe the discussion will address Farm Animals? Those male chickens known as roosters or cocks must not be allowed to roost anywhere where we may be able to hear them crow. As the traditional nursery rhyme reminds us:

    Cock a doodle do!
    My dame has lost her shoe,
    My master’s lost his fiddlestick,
    And knows not what to do.

    The meeting will be public, but there will not be any video recording, nor will there be minutes. Anyone interested in participating who cannot attend the meeting in person can submit comments and suggestions if they can guess what the subject of the discussion will be.

    The discussion is unlikely to include presentation of any draft regulations along with data and analysis to support them.

    My best guess is that the subject of discussion will be to propose a law to prohibit animals “trespassing” on private property which may be owned by animal abusers. Animal abusers apparently have more political voice in Southold Town than animals.

  • Seems to me, if you are correct about the discussion being about animals “tresspassing” on other peoples property then that would be a good thing. It is not about animals having rights but, about animals having the right to a responsible owner. Why? Are you not a responsible owner who lets your animals go wherever they want?

  • Deputy Dog, are you trying to blame the victim? The idea that you can do whatever, and kill whatever, you want on your property is false. New York State law protects all animals from unjustified cruelty.

    The requirements of being a responsible owner are different for different animals. For example, dogs are required to be on a leash or in the company of an owner in control of their dog. Cats are not required to be confined. The animals which the police said my neighbor killed were guinea fowl. Unlike ducks or chickens, guinea fowl are legally classified as animus revertendi. Caring for guinea fowl involves protecting them in a shelter at night, but during the day they are similar to wild birds.

    Johnny Cash sang about a “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog”. Killing an animal is justified only if the animal is a nusiance, reasonable efforts are made to drive the animal away, an attempt is made to catch and confine the animal, the owner of the animal is notified so that the latter may have opportunity to take the necessary actions.

    Not only was there no justification in this case, the victim was broody. Only a psychopath would kill a broody bird. Southold Town Police Commission is operating as a kangaroo court. When police protect criminals there is a serious problem.

  • Your rant completely misses the point. No one said that people can do whatever they want on their own property, etc. The fact is that you can’t seem to stay focused on the point that neighbors should not have to put up with other peoples animal roaming on their property. It is disrespectful to think that it is o.k.. I am an animal lover probably more so then you but, understand how far my love of animals can go. You seem to be more about yourself and your rights then the welfare of the animals.

  • Your point seems to be that you do not identify yourself, and you are interested in twisting and spinning whatever I write. I have better things to do than playing your games.

  • I suppose if your neighbor feeds the wild birds. And any birds fly onto your property you just shoot them.