Town hires new firm for Goldsmith Inlet dredging plan


Southold Town has hired the New York hydrogeological firm of EDesign Dynamics to look over the dredging permits in place for Goldsmith Inlet in Peconic, in the hope of designing a better dredging plan. The inlet began to close again in within days of last winter’s dredging effort.

EDesign Dynamics was recommended by Lillian Ball of the Group to Save Goldsmith Inlet. She has worked with the firm on environmental restoration projects in the Bronx. It will be paid up to $7,025 for their services.

Ms. Ball said there are many things that can be done differently during this year’s dredging within the scope of the existing permit, including dumping sand dredged from the inlet in a different place or taking less sand from certain areas.

“It is brain surgery. It is rocket science. It is rocket surgery,” she said, adding that she believes the firm’s report would be ready in one month, in time for the brief window in January during which dredging can be done under state rules. “I like the fact that this is a small company. They’re not just out to make some consulting noise,” Ms. Ball said.