Santa Pic: Polina Anselmo tells Santa her wish list

12/24/2010 10:07 AM |

Polina Anselmo of Peconic tells Santa her wishlist.

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  • Fine piece!

    I have two gripes, though. “Gentrification” has bad connotations to many, especially if you’re poor and have to move out to make room for rich people. The old, “there goes the neighborhood,” ya know.

    And “cellar door,” while it may bring to mind the entrance to a dungeon,isn’t so unpleasant to others. Haven’t you seen the cliche ad of a boy bringing his bicycle out the Bilko cellar door, with a big smile on his face?

    Those of a certain age remember the lyrics to this song of childhood, “I Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard:”

    “I don’t want to play in your yard,
    I don’t like you anymore,
    You’ll be sorry when you see me,
    Sliding down our cellar door,
    You can’t holler down our rainbarrel,
    You can’t climb our apple tree,
    I don’t want to play in your yard,
    If you won’t be good to me. “